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    I have DX-18 w/ 12120 Powersafe RX and TM1000 Telemetry module. The Powebox instructions say to connect the telemetry port on the Mercury to the DATA port on the TM1000 ( 3 pin cable provided w/ TM1000. It then says to connect the 4 pin cable to the side telemetry port on the Mercury to the XBUS port on the TM1000. That cable in NOT provided by Powerbox or Spektrum. My question is : Is this an "either / or " choice or do I need both leads connected for it to all work properly. Spektrum does not have an XBUS system... Please explain the proper connections, and if I do need the 4 pin XBUS to Powerbox lead, where do I get it ?? I cannot find it on the Powerbox or Spektrum Websites. It seems to me if it is needed for it all to work properly, Powerbox or Spektrum should privide it... Thank you very much !!