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    I am surprised you did not recall these as it could have caused a big problem in a jet, we thought the gain was too high as it looked like oscillation of the plane on rudder especially, we kept changing the gain, then we by luck was trying the model on the ground and saw on full throttle the surfaces moved, not good

    So I had two brand new on my shelf, one I bought about 1 year ago from nexus and one more recently from motors and rotors, the original one was going to be used in a jet project that did not happen, so it’s just been installed now, first time test this week, so we need to resolve this problem as it is not working correct, and now is flying season, what should we do

    I have installed a mercury srs with futaba sbus in stead of a receiver and 3e which has been working fine, this is in a sports jet, but we are finding when the turbine is on full throttle the rudder elevators and to a less extent the ailerons jump about, its like the gyro is vibrating, but it’s fixed down solid to the radio tray, the gyro has been set up using the flight mode switches and setting manual figures for damping, that all works fine it’s jist this problem with the surfaces when on full throttle, please


    Hi Richard

    I have now run my mercury in flight, only two so far, I didn't want to use the in flight assist so I set fm2 with some gyro gain setting that were below my old gyro 3e in the same model, previously on the 3e 27% gain worked fine, so I set at 23% on the mercury thinking this is safe, but I did get rudder oscillation at higher speed, is it normal for the gains to be different from one unit to another ? I would have though they would be about the same ? i need to test further but welcome your views

    Thanks for the detailed answer, I normally run my models with a 3e and damping, so I didn’t want to introduce any odd characteristics with the head hold part, it might actually feel good, so maybe I will give it a try

    Sorry Richard I am still not understanding this ??

    So I want to set up the gyro just like a 3e ? In damping, but what your saying is the test fly assist only will allow heading hold ? I have only used heading hold once and did not like it as I prefer more pilot input and feedback,

    Can i go into the gyro settings and change to rate mode for each surface then run the test fly assist ? So in rate mode ? Or will it reset this one running the test fly ?

    So I am ready to run my model with the flight assist, I have the fm switch assigned and a gyro gain channel, the bit I don’t fullly understand is which mode will give me just damping on all surfaces not heading hold ? What is the sequence for test flying so I fly adjust gain just damping and save ?

    Hi Richard

    Sorry I think you maybe misunderstood my question

    I have the gyro set up without the gps2 at the moment, if I plug the gps 2 in now with it set up does it just work ok, or should I put my gain on a pot on my radio, take it back to zero, fly and adjust ?