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    Hello Powerbox!!

    I have an older version Competition SRS, SN:099734 that when powered up, does not indicate latest version software installed, nor on setup screen do I have an option to PC control. The only options I have to chose from are:




    RESET: (in this option, RESET MATCHING and RESET OUTPUT MAP are the only two things to chose)

    I've tried the Powerbox Terminal hook-up, but doesn't recognize the Competition as connected. Also, most of the words are in German as well. How do I get this thing to display English and bring the software up to current?

    Thank you!!!


    Hey PB!

    I'm sure this has been asked before, this is the setup I have,

    DX18 Radio

    Spektrum TM1000

    Cockpit SRS

    Jetcat telemetry module

    I have a few open ports on the Cockpit SRS, is it just a matter of binding the TM1000 to the radio, then plug the data cable from the TM1000 to any open port/channel on the Cockpit SRS? The telemetry module will be plugged into the Jetcat ECU, and I'm trying to get data from the ECU sent to the DX18.

    Thank you!!



    Hey Powerbox!

    I’m sure this question has been asked and answered, but I have to ask it again. I’m using the Powerbox Cockpit SRS with the DX18 transmitter, 1 servo per aileron. I would like to setup aileron differential, and I’m not sure how to do that. Is that done in the radio or is there someway to do that in the Cockpit SRS? I have both left and right aileron plugged into port A, right aileron is servo 1, left aileron is servo 2. As of right now, both left/right ailerons deflect the same amount in both up/down travel which will cause adverse yaw, and would like to have a little less down aileron than up aileron, say 20 millimeters up right aileron, 15 millimeters down left aileron. Thanks again for you help!!!!!



    Hi Richard,

    I agree with your logic to have at least idle thrust to get your model back, that’s a great idea. But here in the USA, AMA rules for turbine operation says,

    “9. All radios must be equipped with fail safe and ECUs shall be configured to shut down the engine within 2 seconds of fail safe activation.“

    This is from the Jetcat manual,


    This will not instantly shut off the turbine. A timer is started when the failsafe condition occurs and the turbine will immediately go to idle. After 2 seconds (AMA requirements as of March 1, 2004) the turbine will then shut off. This 2 second timer is reset back to zero anytime a non-failsafe condition is met. Your R/C signal must be broken for at least 2 continuous seconds before the turbine is shut off.”

    I did program the Cockpit SRS per your steps and in fact, the turbine does shut down when I switch the radio off after a 2 second delay. I hope to never be in that situation, highly unlikely, but it works.

    I sure do appreciate your help, I’ll really like my PB equipment and will continue to use your products, your customer service is AWESOME!!

    Have a great day!



    Hey Richard, just wanted to provide feedback. I did what you mentioned above here, worked like a champ! Thank you so much for your help. The ECU shuts down the turbine when I turn the transmitter off, on the the Jetcat GSU, I see a failsafe icon displayed.



    Hello powerbox!! I'm trying to setup failsafe on my Jetcat ECU V10. I went through the "learn RC" setup procedures per the Jetcat manual, all went well with that, the turbine responds to throttle inputs for full thrust and idle thrust. The trim at full down, shuts down the turbine as is supposed to. Now, the ECU failsafe is supposed to shutdown the turbine when I switch the transmitter to off, but the turbine continues to run with TX off. I tried the output mapping on the Cockpit SRS for the channel that is responsible for the throttle and switched the HD to FS, switched the TX off, turbine continues to run. Any ideas how to shut the turbine down with signal loss??



    Hi Richard.

    Hey, quick question. I have 1 door, nose wheel door. Nose gear retracts, nose gear door closes, nose gear door opens, nose gear extends, it operates on Mode 1 on the Cockpit SRS. I would like to add a longer delay to nose gear door closing as the delay for door close is a little to short and closes almost immediately once the nose gear clears into fuselage. I know the tasks can be changed in the EXPERT MENU of the SRS, just not sure how/where to lengthen the delay for nose gear door close.

    thank you sir!!!!


    Hey guys. I have the Cockpit SRS that when I turn on, I see V26 on the start up screen. I see that Richard has provided a software update to the Cockpit SRS, that is V26 dated Feb 5, 2018, that is labeled,

    • Automatic capacity reset thresholds changed for LiFe battery

    So I plugged my Cockpit SRS into the laptop, selected update online, update took place, now when I start up the Cockpit SRS, I now see V25! I tried to "select file" on the interface and I see a bunch of 2018 files, none of which is the Cockpit SRS to chose, so I just chose online update and the online update took it back to V25. All I'm really trying to do, is to see the consumption value change while using Life batteries.

    Should I hook the USB back up to the Cockpit SRS and update software back to V26? I was confused by the software update to Cockpit SRS dated Feb 5, 2018 V26.

    Need some help!



    Hey Richard. I had to start all over on SETUP ASSISTANT. I reset the igyro back to factory settings, then went to SETUP ASSISTANT, made it fine through all the steps, when I came to the final step, when I get to MOVE SLIDER OR KNOB TO TEACH GAIN CHANNEL, the knob on the top right of my DX18 isn't being recognized by the igyro. I made sure on the monitor page of the DX18 is moving full throw, for some reason the igyro isn't recording that channel. Need some help please? It was working before I reset the igyro to factory settings.


    The batteries I'm using are 2S Life 2200Mah. I'm sure the brand of battery doesn't matter. It's not a big deal at all, just kinda fun to have that data. I topped the batteries off when I was done for the day, I use roughly 250Mah per battery, per flight with 2 batteries plugged into the Cockpit SRS. I can track the consumption based on that baseline of usage, not a big deal with me at all.

    Hope your well!



    hey richard. today was the maiden voyage of the jet. all went well! even after i installed that file you sent me for capacity reset, the Cockpit SRS capacity is still showing full capacity everytime I power up the system. The voltage does show a drop as advertised, just the capacity is indicating full capacity everytime i power it on. any ideas?


    Hey Richard. Today I got the software to load to the Powerbox Cockpit for the battery capacity, and it loaded fine, no problem. I will report back to you when I start using that batteries to see if in fact the capacity drops on the LCD with use.