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    Hi Guys, Sorry , please pardon my understanding of German. I coudn't understand, How is the connection for Gp 123 is made ? Do i need to use a Y cable and connect the tacho output+ the Ignition together then connect the output of this Y to the "Ignition" port ?

    Hi Richard,

    I am setting up a new Competition SRS on my Jet glider with dual futaba 7008 Rx. I have Telecoverter working on Rx 1 Sbus 2 port for Powerbox telemetry. I want to setup Kingtech telemetry, Can i just use the Sbus2 port of the second Rx ? or all the telemetry should go through only Rx1 and i need to use a Y cable ?

    Thanks for the help.


    Hi Richard,

    The whole idea of drawing power from Competition is to reduce the number of batteries, Are you saying there should ALWAYS be a separate ignition battery when Spark Switch is used ? No matter what ? I have not had any issues so far with this setup for many flights.
    I have seen many places people drawing power directly from the receiver. Infact there is a video suggesting to do the same, from aj-aircraft ( cant seem to find it anymore).

    Please advice, i am happy to use a separate battery if that is the recommended way with Spark Switch. Just want to confirm.
    Also if i dont use a switch between the spark switch and the separate battery , what is the current draw ? How can i find out what is the left over voltage in the battery without taking the hatch off and manually measuring it ?

    Thanks for the help

    Hi Richard,

    I am trying to get my Spark Switch Pro connect to my Competition SRS in Futaba setup. I am using 2 Futaba RX (7003 SB). Currently Teleconverter from Competition SRS is connected to the Sbus2 port. The setup uses the Old Spark switch (7.4V) to power my GP 123. Also the Sparkswitch draws power from the competition SRS.

    I usually connect one of the Powerbox Competition SRS output as power input for the spark switch ( helps avoid an extra battery and all power runs from the competition srs)

    How do i make the connections for telemetry in the new spark switch pro setup ?

    - Should i do a Y to the Sbus2 port ? with 1 lead for teleconverter and 1 for Spark swith pro ?



    Hello Richard,

    I told my problem in the first post, i dont have the USB Cable. I am happy to do the 2 clicks if you can send me the cable. For all my other powerbox products i use the bluecom adapter and hence never needed to buy the cable. I dont have anyone nearby that can lend me the cable.

    I will pm you my address so you can ship the cable to me. Thanks for the help Richard.

    PS:-Sorry to hear about the engineer. Engineer leaving the company should not be the reason to stop supporting your product, it shows the company cannot handle there internal product development properly and leads to loss of confidence in customers who are so loyal and looking to purchase your products. I hope you can find a new software engineer soon. Wishing you goodluck.

    Hi Richard,

    This is really bad Customer Service, if you cant program this with the bluecom adapter, you should clearly call it out in your manuals and forums and every other website and sell the USB cable as part of the package. I am currently stranded as i was fooled to believe your manual and website at the time of purchase.

    your website here says this,

    • Can be updated via BlueCom or USB interface

    even you futaba programming instructions in the forum

    Setting the SparkSwitch PRO on Futaba


    In order to set the SparkSwitch Pro on Futaba S.BUS 2, the SparkSwitch Pro must first be set to S.BUS2 using the PowerBox terminal and the USB cable or the Mobile Terminal and BlueCom Adapter :


    Now what am i supposed to do? Since it seems this SparkSwitch PRo is useless for me? Not happy poor service from powerbox. Please help.

    Hello Richard Happy new year to you and the team. I have bought a new SparkSwitch Pro but i am trying to configure it using the Bluecom adapter as mentioned in the manual, however there is no option for Spark Switch :(, reading through this thread it seems the App via BlueCom adapter wont work and we need a USB cable ?
    Please help i dont have anyone that has the USB cable nearby and i cant buy one. Before purchase i had read the manual online where it says use Blue Com adapter even your tutorial for futaba mentions use Bluecom adapter or USB cable.
    How can i configure the SparkSwitch Pro to work with my Futaba 18SZ and also change the voltage setting please help ?

    Hi richard,

    nothing worked here is what i did.

    - turn on transmitter

    - go into registering menu

    - connect Teleconverter

    - connect power to teleconverter

    - Press "Reload"

    - There is nothing displayed under sensors everything is blank

    - only if i press #8 sensor i see powerbox

    - connected the teleconverter to rx and powerbox.

    - if i select that and then reset and reload as per your instructions nothing happens on the tx no values.

    - i have interchanged the last two steps still nothing on the tx.

    I have checked on the powerbox telemetry is set to futaba and iam connecting to the sbus2 port on the rx. please advice if iam missing any steps ?

    Thanks Richard,I have a 18 SZ. After changing to 18MZ on the teleconverter and playing with that setting i can see "Powerbox" As a sensor. However it only shows up when i click on the 8th sensor. Nevertheless i can atleast see it. However now there is a new problem, Although i select Powerbox as a display option, there are no values on the radio, i can see on the Powerbox the telemetry is set to Futaba and the connection is done on the Sbus2 port of the rx's i have tried both the rx's Rx1 and Rx2 same result. Tried reloading from the Tx also a few times same result.

    What is missing ?

    Hi richard,

    I am really getting frustrated with this teleconverter, can someone please help with the right guidance on setting it up and , help me find out if this is faulty unit. If its faulty i would like to return it.

    So far i have followed your setup instruction and tried multiple times, i dont see "powerbox" sensor registered on my 18Sz.



    Hi Richard,

    i have followed that many times. But you never expalined the sequence of connections , as you say above. It only has pictures of the tx setup. What sequesce you want me to connect the tele converter to tx, battery and press the buttons etc.

    Thank you for the help


    iam unable to register my teleconverter with futaba 18sz. iam using powerbox competition srs.

    I had connected tue telecon via bluecom adapter and changed the settings to all transmitter. Running on v3 firmware as per " mobile terminal" app.

    Then connected the sbus2 side to tx and connected power on the otherside.

    went to register and i get the messge "The connected sensor is not ready"

    i read through the forums and reset the telemetry data as per richards instructions on those threads.

    But still the same issue. Tried many times keep getting thst messege while registering. Please help.



    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the help. The connection to the Rx is fine and correct. I just moved the Connection on Powerbox side from Rx2 to Rx4 and it is working well now. I can disconnect Rx1 and servo still moves and Vice versa. I wish this was added in the manual for futaba owners looking for Dual Rx setups.

    Also i have seen when i left the lipo connected to the Pb for a while approx. 10 odd mins the Rx becomes warm ( like warmer than normal) i will check the exact temps. But is it expected for the rx to be hotter than usual ?


    I am setting up the Powerbox Competition SRS for the fist time and i have 2 R7003SB connected to Powerbox. When connecting servo to the Powerbox it works great until i plug out Rx1 bound receiver.
    The Rx2 bound receiver does not take over and there is no servo movement. Although the light on the Receiver is green and directly connecting to the Receiver works fine. When i go to the Frames menu to see frame loss, i only see values against Rx1 and nothing for Rx2.
    On the Futaba 18SZ i have selected dual setup and both the rx's are binded separately to the Tx.
    What am i doing wrong ?