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    Dear Richard ,

    I use Igyro 3E and SRS in my planes . I love it . I use SRS with XG14 Xbus and 3E with DX9 Spektrum .

    Now i bought a new IX12 Spektrum and PowerSafe receiver AR12310T and want to try it with SRS . The plane will be a NIB Inverza 33 from H9 with 36cc gas engine .

    Please help me with 2 questions :

    1 - PowerSafe receiver AR12310T has two power inputs that work in a redundant way to protect the system from any faults. The scheme you shown (attach SRS-1.jpg) has the battery going straight into Igyro. How should I power Igyro with this receiver ? Do you have a picture of the installation scheme with this type of receiver ??

    2 - This receiver has SRXL output and telemetry, will be possible to receive the Igyro GPS information by telemetry on Radio Spektrum IX12 ? Speed, coordinates, etc?

    BTW i really don't know the software version of my igyro srs right now , but before install in this new plane i will update to last one .

    Thanks !!

    Best Regards ,

    Eduardo .

    Just to register I changed the receiver for XBus and the SRS unit works very well with JR XG14 .

    BUT ... i almost broke my YAK 54 50cc with the SRS unit, after flying with it and set the gains, I was taking off with the unit on, but not on Heading hold, and for some reason I did not understand, he jumped the plane to the right going towards the protection fence , while I desperately gave full left aileron and its keeping going to desaster ...... I only managed to save it because I hit the key and turned off the gyro. It gave me a big scare.

    When I stabilized the plane and stopped shaking with the fright, I put the plane very high and I turned on the gyro again, it behaved normally .... I do not really know what happened on take off .....

    I have a Slick 580 60"Extreme Flight flying with a 3e and this unit in my opinion, for cost x benefit and for simplicity, is better than SRS. I have already taken off and flown with it several times without any complaints.

    Dear Friends :

    First I'll introduce myself, my name is Eduardo, I'm from Brazil, so forgive my poor English. I am aeromodeller for 29 years . I'm 45 years old .

    I've always liked to use Gyros on airplanes, I've had several, from single-axis JR to Iceman (I could not use it successfully), AS3X (which I'm currently using very well), and now i bought an Igyro SRS + GPS to try .

    I readed the manual that comes with the gyro, but unfortunately it does not mention the DMSS system or the JR radio.

    Despite having a DX9, I would like to try the Igyro on a Yak 55 H9 Carden 50cc which currently is with a JR XG14 radio.

    I need the basics, from the wiring diagram (is it the same of Spektrum ??) to more advanced instructions on how to configure Igyro in this radio.

    I understand how a 3-axis gyro works, but I do not know how to make the connection, since gyro does not have extra slots to connect channels that will control flight mode and gain.

    I use the RG1131B receiver and the servos (2 aileron, 2 elevator, 1 rudder) and battery are connected directly on it. I'm not using any XBus function at the currently configuration setup .

    Where do I start ?? =O

    I was able to do the online update successfully. i'm 25 version now .

    All the help will be very welcome.

    Thanks in advance .