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    I have had the V2 smoke pump for some time. I'm using a Futaba 14SG transmitter. As the manual explains:

    This version of the software was supplied between 2010 and 10/2014. The pump

    controller behaves like a conventional speed controller:

    Transmitter -100% » pump off

    Transmitter +100% » full pump power


    a) You wish to set 30% pump power; this is the usual requirement for petrol engines.

    For this the transmitter travel has to be set up as follows:

    - 100% pump off

    - 60% pump on

    With most transmitters this is only possible by setting up a mixer, since the upper

    limit of travel cannot be set to a value below 0%. Our Expert Forum includes suggested

    solutions for various radio control systems.

    Can someone help me with the mix required to be able to adjust the full range of the pump?

    2 - Castle CC-BEC 2.0

    Rated at 10 amps @ 9 volts

    Not sure what you mean "don't have voltage display" Although the unit has a display screen it will be hidden on this project and not routinely accessible. I will rely on the external telemetry function and preflight check for battery voltage.

    I'm have a pump with no version number. It powers up correctly, green light is lit. However, I cannot adjust the "on" endpoint. Pump turns off ok but the runs the same in the on position from 0 to 100.