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    You will be able to set for handling both 5.9 and 7.4 volts; the PowerBus and direct outputs have an A side and a B side that will maintain the separate voltages.

    If you want to have all of your PowerBus connected servos at 5.9v you will need to use a single side of the PowerBus output with a splitter inline

    to send one output to the wing splitter and the other to the tail hub.

    This would free up the other bank to provide 7.4v to anything directly connected to this bank at the Royal servo outputs.

    For example:

    Bank A set to 5.9v for the PowerBus system

    -you would need 2 splitters and 3 hubs using only the PowerBus A output side

    Bank B set to 7.4v for directly connected HV servos, smoke, and lights.

    You would need to use the USB adapter to reprogram the GPSII preset for Futaba for use with your Royal.

    The Futaba version simply comes pre-set for Futaba telemetry use, there is no other difference in the unit. Simply connect to the Terminal and select the "iGyro / Mercury SRS / Royal SRS" Telemetry System option, and in GPS Configuration select the "optimized for speed" option below it. The changes are automatically saved so you simply disconnect the GPSII once the selections are made and it's ready to use with your Royal.

    It is very simple, so you should have no trouble.

    1-Open the Powerbox Termnial

    2-Select "SparkSwitch Pro" button in the top section of the Terminal window

    3-Connect the USB adapter to your PC

    4-Connect a fully charged receiver battery to the "Battery" plug port on the SparkSwitch Pro

    5-Connect the USB cable at the "Tele" plug port - mind the polarity

    6-In the Terminal click "Continue"

    ---The program will have a short count-down and the options for the SparkSwitch Pro will load

    7-Alter the Telemetry output setting, Voltage, and Bus channel settings as needed

    8-Power off and remove the unit from the PC cable

    ---The settings are automatically saved.


    Sorry to hear this was the incorrect switch that was recommended.

    We do have the 6100 Power Switch in stock here at PBSA and will get one sent out to you.

    Please return the 6210 switch set with all the included packaging and manual.

    If you have any questions give us a call, we're back in the office this week after our extended Holiday.

    The One4Two connector set does not come with the servo plugs installed, only the MPX ends (DIN style is the One4Three). The Male and Female MPX plugs are on each end of 2 160cm leads. You will cut the leads at what ever length best fits your installation and install the JR servo connectors Male/Female as needed for servo and RX connection on the exposed ends.