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    Hello Richard

    I would like also to add my question regarding same issue. My data screenned during ground check ups and setting , usually the information for single Futaba 7008sb reciever is indicated as 0 in the transmitter, however, got one time different data which is includes in the picture, from reviewing previous posts I get this data is quiet poor. My question is:

    1.when exactly the data is fully displayed? I mean, if it is only after a flight or ground check up is measured as well?

    2.What are the normal range should I expect from dual Futaba 7008sb systems?

    * your recommendation for how to correct that? since then I get only 0 on all of them without any changes.

    * what is your personal recommendation way of antenas distribution with dual reciever system ? Currently it involve one reciever on horizontal axis and the teleconverted reciever is on vertical axis , both are 90 degrees to each other of course.

    Thanks in advanced


    Hello Richard

    Thanks for reply, regarding teleconverter setting to "powerbox" sensor , how should I set that? Since the the PC softwere only indicating updates and transmitter choice.

    In relation to old Champion signal controller, in that case I should send that to you to reupdate that, Is that possible to have your email please?

    Best regards


    Hello Richard, thank you for your comment.

    After few days of trying, I failed to find the particular reason for the mis-telemetry. First ,I did according the instructions which was included in the set , later I followed your guide and that one also not solving the issue, according the guide the main idea was to reloade instead of registering the sensor to the transmitter itself, well I did that both and I made few pictures to show you the differences in the sensor page within the transmitter, however that still was not activating the telemetry information in the transmitter while performing.

    *I have updated the whole system to the newest versions- that includes the transmitter itself Futaba 16SZ, the Powerbox Champion SRS to version 0.7 and the Teleconverter to version 0.5.

    *While "reloading" the sensor during registration - thats indicating the "Curr.F1678 " in the sensor page, in case of "registering" the sensor thats indicated "powerbox". In addition, the Telemetry option within the Champion SRS is absent and I am not really sure about the relation to the problem.

    I am attaging few pictures to show the displayed data weather on the screen or on the transmitter.

    Thanks in advance


    I have a brand new Powerbox champion SRS nevertheless, I have been equiped by a new Teleconverter which I wanted to integrate as telemetry source with dual Futaba 7008sb recievers and futaba16SZ ranssmitter.

    After sucessfull installation and registration of the teleconverter and additional update of the PB Champion SRS update to V7 , I still find it impossible to find the "Futaba " part within the Powerbox screen in the RX\Telemetry part, therefore, the telemetry is not working.

    Please Help me with ideas of how can I solve this situation to have the telemetry works with the transmitter.

    Thanks in advanced.