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    Today I received my first PowerBox ... the Competition model.
    I started with the setup and when asked to enter the battery capacity I was not sure if I should enter the capacity of one battery or add the capacity of both batteries connected to the Competition.

    I use a 3.300mAh battery at each of the two battery input connectors and expect to enter as battery capacity at the setup the sum = 6.600mAh.

    Am I right?

    Regards from Graz, Volker

    Hello Richard,

    I understand your concern about discharges and interfearances from the ignition system. I guess those can be identified and a clever filtering added to a power output for an ignition switch can solve your concerns. It would be a great feature to have a power output for the ignition included in the the powerboxes.

    Think about it with your clever R&D engineers.

    Looking forward Powerbox Systems can add such feature in the future.

    Kind regards from Graz