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    I own a mercury srs and two 7006 SB receiver

    Now, without telemetry, both receivers are linked in SBUS mode on the box, on each SBUSport on each receiver

    With the telemetry adapter, I understand that I have to keep the two reveiver sconnected with SBUS and one telemetry adapter on the SBUS2 port.

    My question :

    To send datas with SBUS2, the two 7006 SB receivers have to be linked in SBUS2 mode.

    I have to change this on each receiver.

    Are you sure that all the datas (not telemetry) will be sent by the SBUS (and not the SBUS 2) connector whereas it normally should have been connected on SBUS2 Port?

    Or do I have to "put a Y" on the SBUS2 receiver port to have both "directions" and "telemetry" on one wire, only connected on SBUS 2 ?

    Thanks a lot in advance


    don't seems so easy...

    does it need two teleconverters or juste one is enough?

    Is it ok to have

    - One RX on sbus 1 without teleconverter

    - The other RX on sbus2 with teleconverter?

    What is the safest config?



    I bought 2 mercury boxes (Aerobertics). I'll use on Xcalibur jets : very close to turbine.

    Could you please send me 2 "hulls"?

    How to manage it?

    Second question : I'll link 4 (2 for each box) receivers 7006SB FUTABA : is it requested to adjust receivers and the boxes (like for 7008 and 6308 SB?)