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    Momentary switch 2POS-L-OM-C, it appears this can only be mounted in one position. so on the left hand side it is spring forward on the right hand side it is spring back. All the radios I have had Futaba and Jeti the right hand back momentary switch always springs forward. Is there or will there be an option for a right hand (switch location C) spring forward Momentary switch.

    Thanks for any Info Angus

    Hi Richard, I have a new Core Radio and using the PDR 9D that came with it, I did a bench set up of standard 8 channel output and fastTrack of Igyro SRS. a quick test on the bench shows everything good. I installed receiver in plane and no output on servos pins 1-9 there is power to the servos but no signal. I do have signal on channels 11, 12,13 and 14 through the Igyro SRS, aileron, elevator and rudder work fine.

    I did a delete and re-bind and still the same, I installed a new PBR 9D did the bind and everything is good? not sure if I did something to the first receiver for it not to work, setting possibly? I'm only using 6.6 volts?

    Any Thoughts?



    Hello, I unfortunately dumb thumbed my aircraft into the ground, my Igryo SRS came out without a scratch, not understanding the inside components, how resistant are the sensors to sudden impact?

    thanks for any information


    Hello, I'm sure its simple but when using powerbox terminal to update my Igyro SRS I keep getting "device not connected" even though its connected with power, loaded and reloaded power terminal, one of my Igyros is on v15 soooo it needs an update .

    thanks for any help