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    Hey Richard. Trying to connect 2 core PBR 26D receivers, competition SRS, PBS Dock, RPM and Temp Sensor I have not yet found a way to get everything working together. I've had all the sensors showing up on the core but the receiver was not happy. Signal was fading in and out. Thanks for any help you can offer

    So right now I just tried to add a servo on the servo page. I can scroll up and down on the servo page and change servo setting on the servos I have but cannot exit back to the home page or any other menus. The sound comes and goes but crashes every time I try to add another switch or sound. Is there anyway to un and reinstall either the update or the sound install?

    Sometimes there and some not. I afraid is getting worst. The model I was working on lost all the settings I put in. When I try to setup a new model nothing is saved and the model will not show up in the model list. I can not delete any models, I just get an error. The radio has looked up several times in different menus.

    Poss. Bug. So I added a Gear down voice and it worked. Tried adding Gear up and radio locked up. Had to reboot. Added Takeoff Flaps Sound stopped working again. Plugged in headphones. Sound started working. Working on radio again. Any time I try to add a switch to control a sound the radio locks up. Have to power down and restart

    Update to 1.65 went OK but I have no sound. I downloaded English to the SD card picked load voice on core got a message that it was done When I try to play sound in the Voice menu nothing happens. Am I missing something? Thanks for your help

    I trying to setup a PowerBox Mercury with a Jeti switch. I have paired the R3/RSW as the switch. With this setup I can power on the Mercury with my DS-24 but when I try to shut it down the Mercury will not shut off. Thanks for any help you can offer.