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    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for responding.

    Please advise how best to ship the unit, direct or through a UK distributor and I will send the unit.

    As I have another Mercury SRS I'm thinking of just swapping the main Mercury unit out leaving the LCD and Switch installed in the model to save a removal of all the trays, is it possible that you just require the main unit or would you require the LCD and Switch units too?

    Many thanks,


    Hi Richard,

    I have attempted connectivity to the unit today via the USB terminal to no avail.

    Everything else on the unit appears to be operating as it should, just the PC/iOS connectivity is not functioning.

    My next question is...can this unit be trusted in flight?



    Just to update, I have also tried the bluecom adaptor on another Mercury SRS and works fine.

    Im hoping a factory reset will work on the troubled Mercury, if not hoping a connection can be established via USB


    I have connected the iOS Bluecom to a Powerbox GPS II and got a connection fine.

    Which obviously identifies that the bluecom and my iOS device are fine and it points to the Mercury SRS..

    Any ideas please??




    I'm in Nottingham, UK

    I have another Mercury SRS and also have a powerbox GPS unit, when I get a moment I will carry out tests with those units and see if I can establish a connection.

    I will also test with another iOS smart device.

    See if I can identify which component is causing the issue and post back.

    Can you confirm via the pictures above that I have the connection between the bluecom and Mercury the right way round as I cannot find any litrature in the manuals that show which is the negative common rail or signal input on the GPS/RX1/RX2/TELE inputs? Are signals the top row and negative the bottom row?



    Morning Richard,

    I have forgotten the pairing in the device list on a couple of occasions in an attempt to establish a connection.

    Today I will try re-installing the software application on the iOs device and post an update.




    Hopefully you can help..

    I am trying to connect to my Mercury SRS using iOS device and iOS Bluecom adapter but just cannot establish a connection.

    Attached are some images taken so you can see the connections and LCD display of the Mercury, also a couple of screen shots from the iOS device

    Bluecom device is paired and connected to iOS device, this is confirmed via settings/bluetooth on iOS

    When selecting Mercury SRS from the scroll selection in the app and select quick connect, quick connect turns grey then back to white again and nothing happens.

    When selecting quick update, message is no device connected.

    Please assist..

    Kind regards