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    In the hovering with no wind everything is fine,

    but with a little bit of cross wind you can’t hover in fixed position and with 10% of stick for rudder, the airplane goes to turn in yaw and uncontrollable!

    It is like that the I-gyro gradually loses its sensitivity, the more stick movement, the more gyro effectiveness declines, for example you can’t do turn in harrier flight, I need to be able to adjust or change the gyro sensitivity in order "NOT" to "decrease" at least before the "20%" area of the stick throw position in each direction, now after moving only 10% of the stick to each direction the gyro sensitivity decrease.

    Every time I perform hovering with my jet everything goes well, how ever when I needed more Gyro VT+Rudder mix gain lets say more than 10-15% gyro gain for rudder + vector thrust mix to control the jet in hovering transition in harrier, suddenly all the Rudder + VT mix Gyro stops and the jet heads down toward the right or left side! Is there anyway we can increase change Gyro mix gain for Rudder +VT lets say more than 10-15%?

    I only can try Danny to contact Thomas. No idea what´s wrong there...

    Sorry - USA is not our MKS area...

    Please do that, this has grounded my new Carf Eurosport. MKS please hear us!

    TX Graupner MZ-32

    RX 2xGR-32

    MKS HBL550 x 6

    MKS HBL590 x2

    MKS HV777A

    Mercury Powerbox

    Turbine Behitec 220N

    Carf Eurosport Cortex

    Hi Richard,

    My friend is flying his Carf Eurosport using Powerbox Mercury, I too recently bought the same Jet with a new "Powerbox Mercury", everything is identical between our two jets, we need to transfer his setting between his Powerbox Mercury to mine, is it possible? If so how to do it? If not this is a big miss in your great product which should be addressed, since Powerbox Mercury does not have any SD Card media to copy data.

    Please help.