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    1. Yes I do it by pc.I updated it 3 weeks ago and just installed it but nothing turns on.I tried an update on pc but the gps does not connect after the 9 second delay.


    Hello Richard after a successful update of the gps II I can not connect it (the led remains off). My two pb26 receivers connected to rx2 and rx4 on competition srs with a cable "y" sue the p2bus output of the rx2 receiver allowing me to connect the gps.
    I tried to connect the gps for a new update but unable to connect it. no flashing led and the terminal cannot communicate. Can I send it to you for repair?
    thank you

    Hello Richard, thank you for your explanations for the 1.65 update on Core. It was a first for me I went from 1.5 to 1.65 and everything went well !!! BRAVO to all your team !!!!
    Do you have an idea of the time for the publication of the manual 1.65 in French?

    Hello Richard, with v1.6 this will be my first update of the core. I will buy a usb key dedicated to the core. what capacity (in GB) must we have on the usb to support the update 1.6 and the following ones? For the first update I saw that you requested 1 GB.
    The user manual in French is 1.4 do you have 1.6?
    thank you

    1. Thank you for me, this is the big jump because it is my first box programming and I have recovered my core with jet power! Lots of novelties to assimilate. Hello from France.


    1. Sorry but I just found, I read an old manual to program but I just noticed that with the update the servos output is on another page. next to the numbers are the letters hd or fs (failsafe settings?)

    when I select rx setting to access the servo output program I arrive on the photo screen the first line corresponds to the p2 bus mode the second below is empty and should be the one for the servos output? the line is black

    1. Good evening Richard, I wish you all the best for 2020 and continue to bring us happiness in our hobby !!!
    2. I have a programming problem with my competition. For addressing the servo outputs I do not have the line on the screen of the box. I did the update for p2bus and already adjust the receivers and batteries. I attach a photo.
    3. Thanks for your feedback


    1. Bonsoir Richard, je vous souhaite le meilleur pour 2020 et continuer à nous apporter le bonheur dans notre passe - temps !!!
    2. J'ai un problème de programmation avec mes concurrents. Pour adresser les sorties servo je n'ai pas la ligne sur l'écran de la box. J'ai fait la mise à jour pour p2bus et j'ai déjà ajusté les récepteurs et les batteries. J'attache une photo.
    3. Merci pour vos commentaires

    Hello Richard thank you for the photo with the connection of the competition srs.The last weekend update of receivers, box srs and gps2. everything is OK.

    If I understood correctly the gyro sat can only be connected to the receiver going to rx2. On the p2bus output we put a Y cable for the gps or pbs dock or pbs t250 for the sensors. Can we connect the sensors to the receiver connected to rx 4? in an extreme case can there be a pbs dock on the two receivers (pb26d for my case)?

    1. ood evening thank you for the update of the competition srs.Pe can show you in photo the connections of 2 pbr26 and the competition srs with p2bus.
    1. Hello, I came to get my core transmitter this weekend to jet power and I would like to know when the manual version 1.5 will be available and if you will distribute it in French. Thank you

    U Bonjour avez vous une idée de la date de parution du manuel pour la core V1.5. Pensez vous diffuser un manuel en français? J'ai récupérer ma core au jet power ce weekend.