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    I've done a video to teach the basics of the CORE Flightmodes in English for the PowerBox Americas CORE video series. Hopefully it will be finished in editing and posted in the next few days.

    Thanks Adam,

    I will certainly appreciate it and sure many more will.


    It would be great if the 2 videos above could be translated or subtitled in English as they are excellent and invaluable for us starting out with the Core.

    Thank you. Michael.

    Hi. Just an update to this. Whilst I am not sure if I had left the Core on and caused this I can let you know that I have charged it up and cycled a couple of times and seems fine.

    I have left it on for several hours and the indicated battery looks fine, charged back up and repeated.


    Hi. Tried to turn my core on today and it is responding strangely..

    First stage, red led lights then green, screen goes full white then off and then nothing.

    Switch is still green. Screen then goes full white and that is it.

    I can shut it off with the usual hold/red second press .

    one time the screen flashed white rapidly.

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you, Michael.