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    Hello. Wondering if vibration alerts are enabled yet please? I have several timers and telemetry alerts set with sound and vibration however I have never felt it from my Core.

    Thank you,


    Hello. I have a project I am working on and need a little help please.

    I Have transitioned all my planes to the Core and it’s receivers however I still have and fly some micro-indoor bind and fly Spektrum planes.

    my idea was to use a PBR5s receiver and send the PPM into the trainer port of a Spektrum transmitter (buddy box) and see if I can use the core to fly them via the link. I made a cable 2 pins ground and PPM to servo from rx to the Spektrum Tx however it isn’t working.

    Wondering if anyone has an idea what I may have missed? If it will work?

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    Hallo. Ich habe ein Projekt, an dem ich arbeite und brauche bitte ein wenig Hilfe.

    Ich habe alle meine Flugzeuge auf den Core und dessen Empfänger umgestellt, aber ich habe noch einige Micro-Indoor-Bind- und Fly-Spektrum-Flugzeuge.

    Meine Idee war es, einen PBR5-Empfänger zu verwenden und das PPM in den Trainer-Port eines Spektrum-Senders (Buddy-Box) zu senden und zu prüfen, ob ich den Kern verwenden kann, um sie über die Verbindung zu fliegen. Ich habe ein Kabel mit 2 Pins Masse und PPM zum Servo von RX zum Spektrum Tx gemacht, aber es funktioniert nicht.

    Sie fragen sich, ob jemand eine Idee hat, was ich möglicherweise verpasst habe? Ob es funktionieren wird?



    I am acessing the Receiver menu.. and the gyro apears active.. as i dont have gyro sat conect.. i dont need to worry about .. correct?

    With an iGyro connected you click the ‘activate’ and then configure your settings. If you click, nothing will happen.



    Hello. Wondering if I need PBR 9D with dual antennas or is PBR 7S ok?

    It is for a Robbe 3m powered glider, FRP fuse, carbon reinforced.

    7Channels is perfect, need telemetry so these are choices.

    Thank you for any advice, Mike.

    All ok- I connected the unisons to laptop and somehow it changed to Futaba. Back to Powerbox and working as it was previously.


    Unisens-e not working after 1.65?

    Wondering if anyone has had issues with their Unisens-e vario/power telemetry device since update 1.65?

    I tried a new one today on the 7 channel rx as I have done before and couldn’t get any sensors to be found. Also tried to force it to look again.

    Anyone else having trouble?

    thank you, Mike.

    your Joking I'm in Aus..

    Surely there must be a way

    I agree Greg, this has me nervous too - (Im in Aus too) Richard, if we need to send these back and not to the local dealer A: we will lose it for weeks and B: It will cost many Hundreds of $$$. Not really ok and the last 2 lots of updates have not gone so well for some.

    Not trying to be difficult - I love the radio, am committed and have now spend well over $6000 AUD on this and receivers to not have this worry.



    The instruction is less than clear:

    I am currently on 1.6 and working fine.

    Please show or write the steps to update to 1.65 in 1 message as it is simply not clear.

    Also, my current Terminal is :

    There is message saying to delete sounds but not clear?

    Thank you, Mike

    Further testing after the update: Still awaiting the 1.6 manual however I can see that when I load a model, upon rebooting transmitter the voice has changed from female to male.

    Seems like 8 voices limit? Can this be more?

    When I shutdown transmitter now the screen fades and doesn’t look the same ? Not as nice and looks odd.


    Update just completed- used files from the Dropbox. All went well! Nervous during it all however went fine.

    Voice is good - not sure how to set 3 different positions? I.e. rates, low, mid, high?

    Setting flight modes, telemetry seems easy however.

    All my receivers are up to date I think so no testing there.

    How do you choose the different voices? (I saw a few types in the folder)


    Excellent news. The wait will be well worth it I’m sure.

    Richard, wondering if you can elaborate on

    • “Voice output (first of all: free text, flight modes names, telemetry values)” please?

    thank you


    Hi Robert,

    You can bind up to 4 receivers so 2 of the 7, 8 or 9 channel receivers depending on sensors, gyro etc these will do the job.