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    My setup is with a Spektrum DX20 and the Powerbox Mercury. The plane is a Mustang with air operated retracts and servo operated doors. Initially I set up the gear/door sequencer using the DX20 built in sequencer. It all was working correctly. The main and tail doors would open. Then the gear would come down and then the main doors would close. On gear up the main doors would open again, the gear would go up and all doors would close.

    The problem is when I turn on the system after putting the plane together with the gear up and the doors closed. If the transmitter gear switch in the up position momentarily the tail gear will go down and tail door will open then the door quickly closes before the gear can go up breaking the door hinges. If I turn it on with the gear switch in the down position the main gear will go down while the main door is closed.

    It was bound with the gear down so that if the transmitter gear switch is in the down position then it all stays in place when the receiver and transmitter is turned on. If I bound it with the gear switch up the sequencer would not jam when I turn on for the first time. However if the gear was down and sitting on its wheels the gear would momentarily collapse when I turned on. There is no easy fix.

    I changed over to the built in Mercury sequencer and now it works perfectly. If I turn on with the transmitter gear down or in the up position it initially sets the gear in the up position (which is always safe) and the doors remain closed. I then have to cycle the gear switch for it to operate. I want to thank you for your excellent and thoughtful programming so that the gear sequence is always correct with no surprises. I am impressed.

    I will be purchasing a Mercury Power box with GPS for a new project. I will be using a Spektrum DX20 transmitter. I understand that i can connect 4 remote Spektrum receivers to operate with my transmitter. I see on the Horizon Hobby Site the DMSX remote receiver changed and there is only one antenna lead on the new device. It is part Horizon Hobby number SPM9745. The old one is no longer available.

    Is if there is any known compatibility issuers with the new receiver and the Mercury Power box?


    Yes thank you. I have three antennas on the iGyro and three more on the receiver with the forth one built in.

    It the behavior of a low battery was kind of weird. The iGyro must have shut down at a slightly higher voltage then the Spektrum receiver. I had new batteries in and was using the small charge that they came with to test. Now they are fully charged and it is working very well. I will have to wait for warmer weather to fly it.

    Thanks again

    I am sorry to say that I have a new problem after configuring my iGyro for DX18 mode with 3 antennas. What happens is everything works normally when I power up but the elevator servos in the tail start to buzz and then it turns into an high frequency oscillation and slowly increases in movement until the iGyro turns off. It starts out as a mild buzz and then gets extreme. No display on the screen, servos quite and no response from the transmitter. The Spektrum receiver is still working. It took about 30 seconds from power up to turning off. I only let it do this once as I was worried about burring something out.

    Here is something that may be a clue to what is going on. I have two cables each with only power and ground in two empty channels going to the iGyro. If I unplug both from the receiver and then plug an 6.6 vdc battery in one cable the iGyro comes on and works normally.

    Here is a description of my setup.

    iGyro with 3 DMSX antennas set to DX18 mode.


    Left and Right Aileron and Rudder are Hitec HS-7940TH

    Left and Right Elevator are Spektrum A5060 Servos

    Receiver is a Spektrum 12 channel power safe model AR12310T with 3 DMSX antennas (the first one is built in)

    Batteries are a pair of Life 2 cell 2100 mah 6.6 vdc

    Transmitter is a DX18 gen1.

    When I initially set it up I did a bind on the Spektrum receiver. Next I did a bind on the iGyro by unplugging the two power leads and connecting a separate battery to the iGyro. Then plugging the power leads back in to the unused channels of the receiver.

    Hello Richard

    Thank you for taking the time to look into this. I agree with you 100% the best option is the Mercury SRS. The plane is a 2m skymaster viperjet and In this case the install is tight and I am not sure it would fit unless I started over again. Unless you are able to make a modification I will add three extra antennas and set it up using the DX18 mode.

    Andy is very active on RC Groups where he helps with Transmitter Programming issues. I have contacted him there before several times.

    I had pre-ordered my receiver so it is a very early one. I thought that there may be an update. I contacted Spektrum tech support and they said that I have the latest version.

    Hi Richard:

    I was talking to Andy Kuntz at Specktrum and he said that there are 3 CRC implementations for SRXL that vary according to source, and that these allow the message receiver to differentiate the signal source and act accordingly.

    He said it was working with other devices.

    In the mean time I will check to see if there is an update for the receiver.

    Thanks again.

    That is very disappointing. When Spektrum first offered this receiver there was a major flaw that required a recall and after many months of testing they gave this new replacement a clean bill of health. It looks like my options are to set it up with 3 antennas using the DX18 mode or find an old version. Have you head of any other problems with the receiver?

    Many thanks for your reply

    I have a new setup using an iGyro SRS connected to the new Spektrum AR12310T 12-Channel PowerSafe Integrated Telemetry Receiver. The transmitter is a DX18 gen1. I set it up using the SRXL port. I have a three wire cable from the SRXL port to Serial Input 1 and a 2 wire cable (power and ground) from an empty channel in the receiver to Serial Input 2. The GPS is in the GPS port.

    The iGyro version is 25

    As soon as I set the iGyro for SRLX one of the servos (left elevator) started osculating fast continuously. I powered down and pulled that servo plug from the iGyro and continued. I tried to set the input mapping and the right aileron was set correctly on 2. The left was set at 17 and I was not able to move it. I found that if I unplug the the SRXL cable and only had the two wire cable I was able to set the input mapping I also plugged the the elevator servo back and it was still. As soon as I connect to the SRXL port I see the problem.

    I prefer to use the SRXL mode. Is there an incompatibility with this new receiver? Is this the latest version?


    Hi Richard:

    I was able to plug a spare switch from one of my iGyros into the Powerbox and the same thing happens. When you press the select button the red led comes on normally and then when you press the first battery button both green led's come on. The fist time you turn it on after sitting a while it will almost always happen. Then it you do it again it will work normally. The second battery button always works correctly. To turn it off it also works correctly by needing to press both buttons.

    I don't have an extension to my switch. I am using a power switch with an extra long cable to reach the front of the plane but for the test I used the standard short one.

    Again my main concern is that I lost the gyro settings before my last flight. After I entered the settings manually and double checked the other settings the plane appeared to be a bit unstable. Normally it flies very smooth.

    Can I send it in for you to check out?


    OK I can do that. I also have an extension on the switch. I will try replacing the switch and also try to connect it directly to the power box.

    What do you think is going on with the gyro gains all going to zero? Do you think I should update the firmware?


    I had a series of unusual events on my Power Box Royal SRS. So far I have about 15 flights with it in my Skymaster T-33 the gain settings were permanently set in memory.

    I went to charge the two LiPo batteries and found that one had a bad cell (probably a bad battery).

    I also noticed that when you turn it on by pushing the top button the red will light and then push the first button below both green LEDs would light instead needing to push the second button. Sometimes it works normally but occasionally both green LEDs would go on with one button push.

    I replaced both batteries with two new 2 cell LiPo’s 4,000 mah each and went to fly.

    In my preflight check I noticed that the iGyro was not working. There was no movement on the control surfaces when you moved the plane. I shut everything down and powered back up with the same results. I then checked the the iGyro settings and found that they had all changed to zero gain. The direction was correct and my mode switch worked. I manually set all the control surfaces to previous hard coded settings and all seamed OK so I went to fly.

    I am not 100% sure but it appears to be not be as smooth as it was in previous flights. I have only one power box like this but I have quite a few iGyros and have never seen the settings change. Should I be concerned?

    I wasn't familiar with micromatch and looked it up. Actually I am using Hitec Programble servos and I can do what a micromatch or matchbox will do in a Y configuration.

    The receiver is a Spektrum 12 channel PowerSafe model.

    I'm not sure I understand. Are you saying after I set to Delta mode, connect both aileron servos to Aile-B through a Y cable. Then connect one elevator to Elev-A and the other one to Aile-B?

    Then run the setup assistant.

    I have the iGyro SRS in this model.

    I love your iGyro SRS and have it installed in all my scale planes. One of them is a scale Hellcat that I built from Ziroli plans and enlarged it to take a big radial engine. I set up the ailerons so that they hinged in a scale like manner with three arms bellow the wing so that the pivot point is about 30% back from the leading edge of the aileron. The leading edge goes up a bit while the trailing edge goes down a bit more. In use the ailerons are not that effective even though there is a lot of travel. With maximum deflection it rolls very slowly.

    The elevators each have their own servo and a separate channel in the receiver. What I thought would help increase the roll rate was to have the elevators assist by configuring them as elevons.

    My question is how can I use the iGyro to stabilize the ailerons, elevators and the elevons at the same time? If this is not possible do you recommend keeping the iGyro in the standard setup mode or configuring the elevators as elevons?

    I just wanted to let you know that I had a similar problem with mine. One battery would turn on and the other one would not. it turned out to be the switch connector at the power box that was not all the way in. Vibration loosened it and when I pushed it in fully it worked. I used double stick tape on the power box mount to keep this from happening. Thankfully if it happens in flight the battery will remain fail by remaining on.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Just to clear up for anyone else using the TM-1000, Your link points to a 3 wire Y-Harness which is used only for Spektrum sensors. The X Bus has 4 wires. I checked with Spektrum and they said that some X-Bus modules have a daisy chain connector so you can plug from one to the next. Unfortunately both the Powerbox and my Kingtech module are designed with one connector and must go on the end of the chain. An X Bus Y harness is not available. However, they said I could make up my own which would work fine.

    I have the TM1000 connected only with the three wire data cable to the Powerbox Royal SRS and it appears to be working to see log data on my DX18 transmitter. I ordered the 4 wire cable to also connected from the X-Bus connector on the TM1000 to the Powerbox as shown in your photo (X-Bus Extension 6-inch SPMA9579).

    My question is that I would like to use the Kingtech turbine telemetry module that also plugs into the X-Bus port. Can I use it in my setup? Also what is the advantage of using the SPMA9579 cable?

    Here is a link to the Kingtech module

    Sorry I misunderstood the question. I am not sure you can or can not use channels 13 through 18 but for the iGyro but I don't think you would want to do that. Those channels are low resolution and will provide a very coarse servo movement which will be connected to a control surface. Save them for switch functions like gear or lights, canopy, iGyro mode and use channels 2 through 12 for the iGyro.