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    Hello Richard

    I had set some alarms when I flew the other day but didn’t understand what all the thresholds meant. Is did alarms for LQ on both the CORE TX and the 9D RX (x2), list frames etc.

    While flying I heard some beeps but was not fast enough to see what was causing the beeping.

    Is there a way to download the log files from the TX without pulling the SD card or is that something you will implement (maybe associated with GPS lat/Lon info?) at a future date?


    hello Richard

    i just updated all my Powerbox Receivers-easy!

    now I am doing the following and have a few questions

    2 PBR-9D receivers into Bus 1 and Bus 2 for iGyro SRS-is this correct?

    Do i connect the P*Bus or Fasttrack/Data on the 9D?

    do i select S-Bus or M-Link in the iGyro AND the Champion?

    thank you!


    ok now i feel like an idiot. Scott G told me exactly what to do and i didnt really think it through. i just needed to set the switch to a servo (or channel like on my old spektrum) and then adjust to +/- 100% then all works as expected in Setup Assistant!!

    i'm slow, but eventually i will get there!!

    i know this is a dumb question-but i am trying to set up my CORE and using the setup assistant in the Mercury.

    i have set up CORE per an online video assigning ailerons, elevators, one rudder and throttle (doing simple plane 1st). i have also set up ailerons to be flaps.

    bound to Mercury on m-link.

    also set up a function and called if gyro modes on SW-B

    set up function called it gyro gain on sw RO-B

    when i go to set up assistant in Mercury, it does not "recognize" SW-B when i move it.

    it will recognize SW-E but only sees 2 positions.

    it will not recognize any other switch.

    it will not recognize the RO-B knob as gain.

    besides being dumb, what am i doing wrong? i have tried multiple resets in the mercury--no better result.


    hello Richard

    I am switching over from Spektrum and have the following setup in a EF Extra

    Champion with iGyro SRS right now the 3 Spektrum Satellites are plugged into iGyro then the iGyro is plugged into the Champion.

    i want to use the 9D RX to connect to CORE TX.

    I looked here in the forum but did not find a schematic.

    can you please tell me what to plug into what? I am ordering more 26D rx but right now have 2x9D so want to use those to get used to CORE before I change over jets to CORE.

    really like the CORE-its cool!



    that's what i initially thought. the smaller (4GB) drive was formatted to exFAT and i also tried one that was 32GB that was formatted to NTSF and they both were 1st formatted by Terminal then the files were written to the flash drive.

    i now will have a dedicated flash drive just for my CORE!!

    Just did the update-worked as per instructions.

    one bit of information you might want.

    i started to do the update with a 128GB flash drive with no data on it.

    when i went to the "format drive" step, it showed format failed. i formated it in exFAT and NTFS before i used Terminal, thinking that might make a difference. it didnt help.

    i then took an old 4GB flash drive and all worked perfectly, so no problem just thought you might want to know that there might be an upper limit maximum flash drive size with what Terminal will format.

    thanks Richard!

    ahhh.. hence the JR plugs and the "professional" it. thanks that's what i thought but was not sure. since it is a short run i might just put a BUS2PWM thingy and 4 9" servo leads out of the fuse, then plug those into the wing servo's when i connect. not as neat as with my Rebel Pro and the BUS2PWM to a splitter to a bus into the Royal, but its a much smaller plane and i dont really need all that extra stuff and weight.

    thank you very much for your help on this.

    Richard-I didnt know where to put the question but when looking at this product, the pictures have me confused.


    i see a male and female mpx termination, and a DIN type male and female terminiation in the two pictures. then a picture of wire.

    how do i connect two servos and to what? help!!

    thanks, and if there is a better place to post these types of questions (i have more for these types of products) please show where is better to post.


    I realize I didn’t ask the question properly

    1. When going through the step to teach the control stick end point I am in high rates.

    2. Once that is done and I am ready to start with the aileron gain setting it is ok to go to mid rates or must I be in high rates when setting gains for each axis?

    Thank you