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    hello Richard

    Someone on one of the boards said that PowerBox made the cables for JetCat

    I am trying to make a neat installation in a very small space, and am looking to buy or make the 6 pin ribbon connector cables for between the JetCat V10 ECU and the mini-IO board or the mini-GSU.

    do you make the cables? would you make custom cables (40, 60, 80 cm) or if its easier, can you tell me the part number for the 6 pin connector?

    thank you

    Best Regards

    Joe Boyd


    on V20 it says

    V20 11.10.2019

    • Same as V19 but the output mapping channel shifting after the update is fixed

    so if I have v18 and I go to v20 do I have to change what output channel I have servos plugged into or if something is plugged into “C” will it stay the same?

    also will it stay the same for those servos plugged into and mapped to a BUS 2 PWM converter? I have some of those buried above the turbine pipe and it will be difficult to get to it.

    Hello Richard

    You might remember I had discharged my batteries (my fault) and you helped me get things working with a new SW flash

    I have put several flights on the CORE and tonight I was programming a new model. The batteries showed almost full when I started.

    About 15 minutes into programming my left batter went to zero and the dead battery ICON started flashing on the screen. The voltage and the fuel state of battery 2 was close full. After about 30 seconds I got out the charger and plugged it into the CORE and the red leds were illuminated. The icon stayed flashing and I powered off the CORE. after less that 4 minutes I powered up the CORE and both batteries showed almost full and the red charging leds were illuminated.

    What do you think is happening? I am thinking I should replace the batteries and want to know if I can purchase a battery assembly and install it here so I don’t have to ship to Germany?

    Please advise

    Thank you.

    Hello Richard

    I did a factory reset on the Mercury and I had removed the old RX bound to the CORE for this model before I did any reset on the Mercury. I tried to bind two 26D RX. Both flashed fast red and I could bind RX 2 but RX 1 gave me a message that said to switch on the RX. I disconnected that RX and when I plugged it back in I could bind it and see both on the CORE.

    I set up all the channels on the Mercury and noticed on the display it only showed RX2 as “OK” and blank for RX1. The CORE shows both RX bound and both show Unique serial numbers and LQI values. If I unplug the RX2 the Mercury goes into failsafe. Even though RX1 is plugged in and shows an RQI on the CORE

    I will be at the flying field tomorrow and have a second Mercury that is also new and 2 new 26D and some new cables. I will try a new RX 1st.

    Your advice is appreciated.

    Hello Richard

    I had set some alarms when I flew the other day but didn’t understand what all the thresholds meant. Is did alarms for LQ on both the CORE TX and the 9D RX (x2), list frames etc.

    While flying I heard some beeps but was not fast enough to see what was causing the beeping.

    Is there a way to download the log files from the TX without pulling the SD card or is that something you will implement (maybe associated with GPS lat/Lon info?) at a future date?


    hello Richard

    i just updated all my Powerbox Receivers-easy!

    now I am doing the following and have a few questions

    2 PBR-9D receivers into Bus 1 and Bus 2 for iGyro SRS-is this correct?

    Do i connect the P*Bus or Fasttrack/Data on the 9D?

    do i select S-Bus or M-Link in the iGyro AND the Champion?

    thank you!


    ok now i feel like an idiot. Scott G told me exactly what to do and i didnt really think it through. i just needed to set the switch to a servo (or channel like on my old spektrum) and then adjust to +/- 100% then all works as expected in Setup Assistant!!

    i'm slow, but eventually i will get there!!

    i know this is a dumb question-but i am trying to set up my CORE and using the setup assistant in the Mercury.

    i have set up CORE per an online video assigning ailerons, elevators, one rudder and throttle (doing simple plane 1st). i have also set up ailerons to be flaps.

    bound to Mercury on m-link.

    also set up a function and called if gyro modes on SW-B

    set up function called it gyro gain on sw RO-B

    when i go to set up assistant in Mercury, it does not "recognize" SW-B when i move it.

    it will recognize SW-E but only sees 2 positions.

    it will not recognize any other switch.

    it will not recognize the RO-B knob as gain.

    besides being dumb, what am i doing wrong? i have tried multiple resets in the mercury--no better result.


    hello Richard

    I am switching over from Spektrum and have the following setup in a EF Extra

    Champion with iGyro SRS right now the 3 Spektrum Satellites are plugged into iGyro then the iGyro is plugged into the Champion.

    i want to use the 9D RX to connect to CORE TX.

    I looked here in the forum but did not find a schematic.

    can you please tell me what to plug into what? I am ordering more 26D rx but right now have 2x9D so want to use those to get used to CORE before I change over jets to CORE.

    really like the CORE-its cool!