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    Good Morning...

    I’m trying to create an “Idle-Down” mix using either the virtual switch menu or the Servo Cut-Off menu that will allow me to reduce the throttle setting from -66% to -69% any time the throttle (Switch A) is below -75 to -80 %. Any throttle setting above -80% would render the”Idle-Down” switch inactive. Any ideas how I could do this would be appreciated.


    I like the suggestion, has a lot of merit. I wasn’t aware that you could use the PWM ports in addition to the serial bus port into the Mercury. I thought it was “ either / or”.

    I mocked up the Mercury (updated to V.10) to a PBR-9D via the bus, but couldn’t get a connection. I had a servo on Port A to simulate an Aileron servo, but couldn’t get it to move. Any ideas here?

    Good Morning,

    I am a new CORE pilot, and I'm in the process of converting all my aircraft over to CORE from Futaba. With most of my Futaba-based aircraft, I have been using their R7008SB Rx's (Single) with the iGyro3 for the smaller, simpler aircraft, or Dual R7008SB's with the Mercury SRS for more complex and expensive setups. I have a 4 engine, gas powered Bomber project coming up, which has 22 servos and will require 20 channels to operate. I plan to use the Mercury SRS in conjunction with either the PBR-7S, or PBR-9D, or the PBR-26D RX's in a Dual Rx configuration.

    Given the above plans, what would you suggest for receivers that would give me the best performance & success? I do like the feature of dual receiver circuits in either the PBR-9D or the PBR-26D Rx's, so I probably will go in that direction. Is there a wiring schematic or photograph available that would show the best way to set up the wiring? I also plan to use the built-in iGyro in the Mercury along with a GPS II.


    I can get into any of the telemetry widgets to access the menu. I usually go in through one of the CORE widgets and press on the “menu”, but that pops up is the iGyro Sat menu items. Do I need to disconnect the iGyro Sat before trying to bring up a RX menu?

    Two questions for you Richard, both concerning access to the PBR programming page and access to the iGyro Sat...

    First, how do you access the page that sets the data output to “Fast Track?

    Second, you have a video up now showing how to install the iGyro Sat in German. Do you plan to put up a similar video In English. My German is still a little rusty...


    I am transitioning out of Futaba (T18M WC) into the CORE system. I have a lot of GPS 2 units in my aircraft to reprogram to PowerBox CORE compatibility, plus two new units on the shelf that needed to be programmed. I took 2 of the older GPS 2’s (for Futaba), and tried to connect to them using the latest Terminal (V2) software. No luck, failed to connect after many tries. Took my 2 units off the shelf (bought from PowerBox Americas 2 to 3 months old), and tried updating. No problem! Connected instantly, and I was able to set them up to be compatible with the CORE Bus2.

    Any idea what’s going on here? Can I send the 2 questionable GPS’s to Danny to be checked out, or to Germany?


    Hello Richard,

    Just got my CORE system shipped in to me today from PowerBox America. The systems menu show it has been updated to V1.65 by Danny. I updated my Terminal program to the latest version, and downloaded the English voice package onto a 32GB USB drive. I plugged the drive into the core, and attempted to load the voice packages (Multiple times). In every attempt, I get a "Nothing To Install" error message. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong, or how to correct the problem? Thanks....

    Hello Richard,

    I have an older iGYRO 3e unit (Serial No. 257312) that is possibly 4 years old, but has been updated to V4. This unit has been flown in two separate aircraft over he last for years, and in both cases, has exhibited extremely erratic flight control during flight. In the first instance, I was able to regain control of the plane and land it safely. In the second case (about 3 months ago), the aircraft was a total loss.

    In either case, the flight behavior was so erratic, it was as if the iGYRO had come loose inside the aircraft, but in both cases, the gyro was found to be properly mounted and secure inside the fuselage. I now am very leary about using this particular unit in any of my planes until I can have it verified & checked out for proper operation.

    Does PowerBox Germany or USA have the necessary equipment to do this type of testing? Can I send it to you for evaluation?

    This is not my first experience with the iGYRO 3e, I have no less than 8 other units installed in other aircraft... All are working just fine! BTW... After I recovered the 1st aircraft referenced above, I installed a new unit in the plane (a 30 yo, 1/4 scale Bucker Jungmeister) and it has been working fine ever since (4 years now).


    Hello Richard...

    Ok, I'm confused as hell. I updated to V07, and read all your replies regarding the Setup Assistant not changing any manual User-Mapping settings when the assistant was run, yet in my case, that's exactly what happened. All the input mapping and carefully thought out output mapping that I had done (for ease of servo lead access & servo location) was completely overwritten by the setup assistant defaulting to the "normal" output location you have programmed into the Mercury. This has the same effect as doing a complete system reset.

    I did a complete setup using "my" manual user mapping three times, all with the same result... Overwritten to the default output mapping for "normal" aircraft configurations. In each case, my gyro setup for "rate mode" on FM 2 & FM 3 reverted to Att. Assist On when viewed on the normal gyro setup page.

    I reworked the aircraft servo output to comply with the default "normal" mapping layout, and low and behold, I got to the end of the Setup Assistant menu (including selecting "rate mode" on FM 2 & FM 3, yet I continue to get "Att. Assist On" when viewed on the gyro setup page.

    What's going on here?

    I only want "rate mode" on all my primary channels for flight stabilization on the Warbirds that I fly. Doing 3D or Torque Rolls with Warbirds is highly frowned upon by the people that I usually fly with.