• Richard,

    I had a different system /Futaba in 2017 when I posed a similar question so this is why I need to ask again.

    NOW : I have a Core and wish to clarify the best and correct setup for the "lightbox" with the latest software, please.

    Core 9 channel rx with channel expander to obtain 14 channels switched with Gemeni and power with P/

    Box lith ion batteries.

    With this setup do I set the lightbox protocol to PWM or S.BUS

    I understand I can switch channels with one switch using S Bus but since I am not using a Royal /Mercury style input is this correct to use S Bus.

    The reason I have a fault on one channel of the "light box' which may be a wiring mistake and when the above question is answered I know this is the problem



  • Richard,

    These are great units when I get them going but seem to have a blind spot in setting them up.

    See photo for connections. All out plugs have been polarized by changing plug terminals to coincide with lightbox ouput. The battery voltage is 5.9v the two lights are new Unilights.

    The control is set to `PWM for easy setup then will change to S.BUS.

    I cannot get any light to flash and there does not seem to voltage output pins.

    Please make my day and solve this one


  • Richard,

    At this point I feel embarrassed!

    As I understand it I can use the lightbox default program with threshold changes for on-off by altering the switch points within the program. It works fine on PWM using channel 8 to switch on/off.

    Now I change to S BUS which should give me the ability to switch each function using an individual channel. Choose the tx channel in top row and the output channel from the lightbox and it should work.

    It does not work for me !

    So check the Blue com is connected YES

    Check S-BUS is chosen YES

    Blue Com is plugged into USB socket direct ( no extra battery as it says its connected on Blue Tooth YES ?????

    However it looks like that although I am choosing separate channels the info is not getting from my iphone to the Lightbox via Blue Comm which is a new unit.

    See photo for connections in my Wilga and is the Blu Comm correctly connected please ?

    The connection to channel is a test light which is new and working as a light


  • Hello David,

    App is connected to Lightbox over BlueCom, you are able change settings as I can see. You can test if your settings were stored simply. Switch all off, start again and check if your last settings are there. Therefore you do not have any issue with connection.

    From you description I'm not sure what you want to set and what is not working.



  • Richard,
    You are right the RX was NOT set to SBUS.

    However, I still have the same problem.

    In default mode, the LB works fine switching on/off

    The on/off channel for the box is 12 and I have used a y lead with a servo to give me physical proof of switching/It's set to 100% on either side in the servo monitor.

    The individual channels don't respond to any setting from my phone app.

    Blu Com confirms blue tooth connection and the channel selection in the top of the app is set to 12 ( to switch on the light box)

    It seems that since the default section works ok and the box switches on and off and all is set to SBUS there is no command getting to te l box from the app.

    The Blu Comm is plugged into the usb of the lightbox and is new

    Very annoying and sorry for the continuous questions


  • Richard,

    Finally a conclusion for me anyway:

    I had two other redundant lightboxes and started to replace them in the system.

    One performed the same as the first one above and showed promise on box output that seemed to be under control.

    The second from a Viperjet that has been laid up for a while but was updated software just now did the same.

    So I took out an old laptop and programmed the third one from there.

    It worked and proves to me that the dongle software or the IOS app has not the ability to override the default menu in the lightbox even though the blue tooth connection showed to be good.

    I tried to reset the two rouge ones via laptop but it made no difference. Is there a total reset back to birth button /pin hole /or software fix online as I am not sure if these have gone AWOL or not. I tried the reset in the lightbox program.

    However, I now have S-BUS flashes as I want them albeit 1 1/2 days later

    Nobody died though,so okay