iGyro SAT with CORE settings

  • Is it necessary to have the iGyro SAT gain assigned to a knob or switch on my CORE?

    Let's say I have initially set my iGyro SAT to 100% in the CORE and my knob to +100% travel in the servo screen. With the knob turned fully clockwise I see 50% in the CORE servo monitor. After flight I end up with 30% (as seen in the servo monitor) as my preferred setting. Now I put the gain channel on a switch instead of the knob. I can assign one position of the switch to 0% or gyro off, another to 30% my preferred setting, and another to whatever I want, maybe a negative value for attitude assist in range B. Whatever.

    But can I also not have any switch or knob assigned to the gain channel? Would I then simply set 30% in the iSat screen on the CORE? I don't mind using a switch. But I am trying to understand what the gain settings in the iSat CORE screen are telling me. And how are they different than the gain settings shown on other PowerBox products like my Mercury or Royal. On the Mercury and Royal I select FM's with a switch and enter the gyro gains directly after test flights are over. Obviously this iSat with CORE is a bit different.

  • The gain in the menu is for each axis seperate and is to multiply with the gain on the gain channels.

    So for example:

    Gain Slider is 40%

    Gain Aileron in the menu is 80% - result 0.4x0.8 = 0.32 = 32%

    Gain Elevator in the menu is 60% - result is 0.4x0.6 = 0.24 = 24%

  • This is a big help for me as well. However, my gyro gain channel travel is set to %200 -%200 to maximize resolution. Do you recommend this ? Or will I be battling a very jittery airplane during the maiden? ( eurosport aileron/elevator set to roughly 20-30%) I will slowly turn the gain knob up but don't want it too sensitive. Thanks

  • I can use this information, thank you. In my case I like the idea of setting my gyro limit in the iSat gain menu, say 50% and then setting my slider to allow 100% travel. So full travel of the knob (slider) gives me a maximum of 50% gyro gain. Not too much danger of having too much gain initially. After establishing a preferred gain slider value I will have to assign it to a switch as the gain menu value needs this.