Igyro Sat, Pioneer and Jeti

  • Hi all, so my problem is: I'm setting up a delta wing with canard and Vt on the following system: Igyro Sat, Pioneer and Ds24 and 2 Rex3. So on the ds24 I've setup a basic model with DeltaElevon. On the pioneer in the gyro assignment I've selected a channel for the gain, +100 0 +100 and the respective channel for aileron, elev and rudder. On the elevator and rudder on gain C I've assigned the vector. After this I've teache the direction then the endpoint. The problem is that the gyro on the Vt doesn'twork, for some reason. Any idea?

  • Hello,

    you have assign your servos like this

    Delta L - Aileron-A

    Delta R - Elevator-A

    Vektor_Elevator: Elevator-B

    Canard: Elevator-C (Canard gyro make not much sense, but works)

    Vektor_Rudder: Rudder-B

    Rudder: Rudder-A

    The turn on all mixes, teach the mounting position, then teach the stick endpoints. Works always!

  • yes now is working, I had to setup a completely new aircraft after resetting everything. Now the question is, I've connected the gps3 via y lead, provided in the box, to the fast track, will that work, because I was reading about a special cable to connect it??

  • Hi Richard, so today ive discover that the GPS3 is the problem of the setup, every time I connect it to the fast track the gyro don't work anymore, it doest switch through the modes and is dumpenimg just a litle or nothing, it doesn't take any input, removed the GPS and installed a gps2, everything perfect!

  • Hello,

    the GPSII doesn´t work at all on the Fasttrack!! This protocoll is not implemented.

    What you see is not a failure - If the GPS has no signal the gyro is reduced to a minimum!

    Just go outside, wait until the GPS has greeen light and you will see that it works!