Starting Value for Boost and Airspeed

  • Hi Richard;

    After updating to V19 I decided to do the flight setup over again. I will be doing one axis at a time adjusting the Normal and Heading gain for each axis as I go. In the manual it recommends setting the boost to 0 and airspeed to 2 but in posts I see that the setup assistant uses a boost of 1 and an airspeed of 3.

    1. What would you recommend as a good starting value for Boost and Airspeed?

    2. I think I understand when I should increase the airspeed factor but in what situation would i want to increase the boost?

    By the way the max air speed I recorded on my model is 218 KPH.

    Best regards
    Lou Cetrangelo
    Saint James, NY USA

  • Hello,

    if you decide to do the setup manualy- no problem. Start with Boost 1 and Airspeedfactor 3. The manual was writen before the assistant.
    Boost is a very fast reaction of the gyro- in gusty wether, it helps to eleminate model movement very quick, but will make your model oscillating very strong when the value is too high

  • Hello,

    if you set this factor to 0, the airspeed sensor has no function. If you set to 5 the GPS has most influence to gain in high speed flying. For explanation:

    Airspeedfactor 5
    Gain 100% when flying slow
    Flying at topspeed, Gain is only 20%

    Airspeedfactor 0
    Gain 100% when flying slow
    Flying at topspeed, Gain is 100%

  • Reviving and old thread....

    I was flying today a Carf Tutor equipped with a Powerbox Royal SRS. When trying to adjust the iGyro at Airspeed 3, all surfaces were at 100% an no oscillation was noticed. We moved to Airspeed 4 and still had all surfaces at 100% gain with no oscillation. This means that we should be going to Airspeed 2 instead ?

  • Thanks Richard.

    We started at Airspeed 3 and we also had the gain of the three (3) different surfaces at 100%. We thought that by increasing the Airspeed to 4 we were going to have a better result.

    At Airspeed 3 and by having all gain at 100% I think there is opportunity to keep improving the gain since the airplane doesn't start rocking... so what do we need to do in order to make sure we have the maximum gyro stabilization help ?