Which TX mode for IX12

  • Hello,

    I am busy configuring a Pioneer using the USB adapted, and when I select SRXL2 and a IX12.

    I have 3 TX options to choose from,

    DX18 Compatible, DX18 Mode, DX20/IX20

    which mode would I select ?

    Also do I bind using the Pioneer data port, like with the spectrum evolution or do I bind 1 reciever at a time ?


  • Use Dx18 comparability mode. Press both buttons on the receivers to put them in bind mode after powering up the system. Go into bind in your radio’s menu. Both receivers should then bind to the transmitter. Be advised that the rx link telemetry is not optimized for Spektrum users which has been a disappointment. Frame losses shown on your transmitter will be misleading as the system only displays frame losses on one Rx at a time whereas it should be a function of signal strength from both receivers.

  • Thanks Flyingaces,

    I did figure it out in the end, I found that I reset the PB and then after powering on the unit it set it's self to DX18 Compatibility mode.

    I also test binding both the same time or one at a time and didn't not notice any difference with regard to Telemetry.

    As you mentions, telemetry integration is not great, we are only seeing packet information on 1 of the 4 antenna, and the frames at one point I had it alternating between 2 numbers up and down. holds seems to work, and I am getting both battery voltages back, and then finally we are only getting the signal strength for 1 receiver.

    It would be nice if the system could display both receivers signal strength and all antenna details, I have previously asked about RMP and Temp sensors but I believe that this is not supported.

    One has to remember that it's the receivers sending date back to the TX so I think some of these issues are on the Spektrum side

  • After posting the message above I emailed Spektrum and got are very quick response. Please can the PowerBox engineers take a look at this and see how this can be fixed.

    Here is what I asked

    I am busy binding 2 x SPM4651T to a IX12, these receivers are connected to a Powerbox Pioneer and I am collecting Telemetry, I have an issue and some suggestions.

    1. The issue is the with 2 receivers and 4 antenna, I am only seeing the packet data on the A: antenna the other 3 are null ?
    2. There is only 1 signal strength indicator on the telemetry screen, however I have bound 2 receivers.
    3. The frame losses seem to be inconsistent, I some time find at I have frame loss but the antenna seems to be lower, and the frame loss number alternates between 2 numbers.

    And here is their reply

    1 – PowerBox needs to collate the data and properly format it so that the telemetry sending remote knows information about the other remote(s).

    2 – There is only one signal strength reported. It is the highest level of any receiver for which it has data. Since PowerBox is not doing item 1 correctly, this is probably just the value for whichever remote they have enabled to speak telemetry.

    3 – It may be that PowerBox did not tell one of the receivers not to send telemetry, and you are hearing from both of them.

    I suggest you contact PowerBox about the problems in their product. We have heard this from multiple PowerBox users, so by now they probably are aware of the issues. But it never hurts to make sure. They have direct access to the SRXL2 engineers at Horizon to resolve these issues.

    The Spektrum Team

  • Rolfbartels: Clearly I believe the pioneer has lots of potential. I like the form factor, the power switch, and the fact that it provides me with battery data on my telemetry screen but beyond battery information the RF link is equally critical and this unfortunately would keep me from purchasing another unit as a Spektrum user. I’m sure it works great with the Core l, but the Core tx is out of my price range and I’ll need to keep my Spektrum tx around.

    It is up to the main receiver module (the pioneer) to collect the data received from both receivers and construct the rf telemetry packet based on aggregate data from both receivers. The chosen receiver with best signal relays this to the transmitter. This issue can be fixed in firmware and hopefully it has been discussed.

  • did anyone get a reply from powerbox on this?

    I am chasing a frameloss issue with my IX12 and 2x SPM4651T i am hitting 400+ frame loss in a 7min flight and today got 2 holds!

    Its unclear if the data shown is all 4 antenna or 2 antenna or 1?

    Frameloss on my PowerSafe is much less

  • Hi Richard

    Via the telemetry screen on my IX12, i have the same problem as above the telemetry only shows 1 antenna but each RX has 2 antenna's and i have 2 RX's. I have tried DX18 and DX20 modes both the same.

    Spektrum say this is because of the way PowerBox are sending the data for telemetry

    It hard to fault find with this data also we need to know if it is total antenna fades or just that single antenna that is shown.

    I can grab some images later if this helps? I also have a Speaktrum PowerSafe with 4 antennas so i ca show that aswell?