Competition SR2 Spektrum

  • Hello,

    as you already have this receivers at home - why don´t you just try it.

    I don´t share the comments from Spektrum because if you have two satellites connected also both send telemetry. They have to - else there would be no RX data.

    Why should there be a difference using the big and a small receiver

  • Hi Richard

    Very interesting debate, I am attaching the latest email from Spektrum technical support.

    Within my few knowledge I interpret the following and you will tell me if I am correct or No.

    What I, a layman in telecommunications to be clear, and what I really want is to learn and not make mistakes, interprets is the following:

    Concept of Receiver with Telemetry = Transceiver

    Concept of Receiver without Telemetry = Receiver

    So what is called a receiver with telemetry is actually a transmitter + receiver and what is called a receiver without telemetry is only a receiver.

    In this latest email from Spektrum they say that with the latest receiver firmware updates when a receiver with telemetry is plugged into the satellite receiver port the master receiver turns off the satellite telemetry.

    That command of "Off" to the satellite receiver may be to cut the transmission? Since they comment that a 4651T becomes a 9747

    And if that is possible with commands, this can not also be done with the Powerbox Competition SR2?

    Now returning to the thread of our conversation I see much more logical that there are two transceivers to have redundant telemetry and not doing so implies losing capabilities.

    Other brands of Radios do not support multiple connections with receivers with telemetry, as if negotiating several transmissions is very complex.

    I am very happy to be finding the solution to my problems, when I started with the consultations I was unable to connect the X-Bus telemetry, now what we are discussing is more finite.

    It would be very interesting and it would improve the performance of the Competition SR2 control unit if the TELE port were Multiprotocol of sensors from other brands, even from Powerbox and sensors could be connected directly to it so that later through SRXL2 they would transmit all the summed telemetry.

    Or, failing that, an interface such as Futaba that allows this function

  • Richard

    There is a mistake, it may just be a typing error, I have an AR8020T receiver not an AR8010T and two 4651T receivers

    I will do the tests that you recommend, first with the two 4651T receivers and test range

    And then with the AR8020T without satellite and a 4651T in port 2 of Powerbox and test range and that all functions work

    Even see in the Flight Log option if there is packet loss

    Thnk you very Much