problem with delta mode

  • Hi Richard,

    Yesterday I have made some tests... and I have not the same results than you !

    Tests with an other SRII box and an other Igyro sat => same issue

    With Graupner MZ24 pro with GR32 => you should change the Output mapping => Delta left should be selected for channels A/B/L/M.

    With this set-up all servos are moving during pitch compensation.

    Now there is still a problem with ailerons : they are moving well with the stick but there is no roll compensation.

    All are correct for the rudder.

    Do you have explaination about that ?

    Best regards


  • No I have no explanation for that, because I tested it already. Send me this box with your receiver and the channels you want to use. I adjust everything quickly and send it back.

    The PowerBox and software works. something is wrong in your connections or settings