Powerbox Professional and Hitec optima 9 rx connection

  • Hello!

    Please tell me how to connect powerbox professional (no srs) and hitec optima 9 ? Using a conventional servo cable through the correct connectors? I'm concerned about the power of the receiver. How do I understand powerbox to power the receiver?If so, what voltage goes to the receiver?

  • Hello! Thank you very much!

    1) Does the power from the powerbox come from each connected channel? Is this correct for powering the optima 9 receiver?

    2) (I'm going to use high-current servos on a gas plane (savox 2290 6pcs). Servers are connected via 20 awg wires to the powerbox.)

    And is there a difference in what wire section to connect from the powerbox to the receiver? for example 26awg? or only 20awg? can there be interference from the wires that go to the servos?

  • 1. Yes- It´s made for all receivers. Every brand works identical

    2. The receivers and servos are seperated with the PowerBox. You can use AWG26 from RX to Powerbox. Just use the wires included in the Powerbox. No need to change something here.