2.5x2 ECO Charge Rate

  • Hello all-

    I am new to the PowerPak batteries. I have been told they will charge the same as LiPo or Li-Ion with my Hitec X2 charger. Initially I had trouble getting them to charge because I had to find out how to turn off the balance feature in the charger. Once this was complete, I was able to charge.

    I confused myself on the .5C charge rate. .5C would mean 1.25A on the 2.5 batteries, correct? So I can safely charge at 1.2A?

    I am looking in to different chargers as well, and maybe keeping an extra set of batteries to just swap out. I am not sure how long they last on a full charge, I am sure it varies on each set up.

    I have one 2.5x2 for ignition
    I have two 2.5x2 for the Pioneer with dual PBR26D receivers
    There are 8, MKS HBL550HV servos.

    Thank you very much