Data output from PB GPS III

  • Im using Core/M-Link today and using MPX GPS2 and MPX flight recorder. I have the possibility to record GPS data so im able to download data to log view and convert and export it to google earth and get flight profile.

    Is it possible to get the same data from PB GPS III to my MPX flight recorder?

    I cant find anything about this in Manual.


  • Hi. this tread should possible be under the specific GPS III thread, but now I have the GPS III and sorry to say It does not deliver Geo Data (Long/Lat/Antenna hight) to the M-link telemetry bus. (for me)

    The MPX GPS1and 2 delivers GEO data to the telemetry bus and I can download this to Google earth in different ways (flight recorder etc)

    I can in the MPX launcher setup choose this and I can see the values in Log View, I can also choose Azimuth the model position relative North and that makes me use the information to show model position on map during flight with Imsb system(not for core yet...)

    How Can I get those values out of my GPS III to the M-link telemetry bus. Then I could use the GPS III both for core/mpx and my MPX system.

    In the PB Terminal there is not many options.


  • You cant get the lat/long to the TX but the MPX GPS is transfer it via sensor bus to flightrecorder and I can use the data in log view, and with 2D distance and azumuth via telemetry channels you can get the position on Google Map during flight.

    I thought that the GPS III because it ”was” M-link compatible I could use it in the same way as my MPX gps.

    The other thing that don’t work for me is that I can’t connect it in series with other MPX sensors it interferes so bad that other sensorvalues goes crazy.

    I have all the numbers right for telemetry channels no conflicts etc.

    I must test some more but for the moment it’s kind of useless for my core/M-Link use


    I’m sure that it works with igyro and PB RX and so on…but I’m still in m-link

  • Hi Richard. I can take a video of the problem.

    Here is the settings of gps in terminal. Only use 14 and 15 for alt and speed.

    It doesn’t matter what sensor I connect it interferes with all and it makes them fluctuate in about 3 sek intervals with different values. And there is NO conflicts in telemetry channels

    And no change with split cable or not.

    It’s the same with MPX TX or Core TX

    Only thing that works is with only the GPS III connected in RX.

    I’m also confused….

    BTW in the PB terminal isn’t there a SAVE button or send settings to sensor somewhere?


  • 👍🏻🙂 ok, the vario was only for showing. With voltage, current , TAS, G-sensor and unisens E it is the same problem it interferes and when I connect it in Core it shows that there is 6 more sensors found in the current setting in terminal. Maybe its, normal I don’t really know.

    But I’m very thankful for any help.


  • Sorry Richard there is a ”not” missing. I’m not sure because I have not any PX RX etc so I can try.

    Is there somewhere I can upload videos to you, it’s much easier to se the behaviour.

    And what I can see now it’s not affecting the value LQI or RX voltage only the others.

  • After testing many different settings and contacting a friend who has both PB system and M-Link and did the same setup with no problems the only conclusion I can come too is that my GPS is faulty.

    It seems that it is sending out “something” even if every telemetry channels is not in use.

    I had my flightrecorder connected and I can see that something is not correct when the GPSIII is connected.

    I can see that eg RX volt is not voltage any more it has the label (ml)

    I can’t see the interference in the sensorvalues in the log, but the TX telemetry values goes crazy.

    I think the only option is to send it back to you at PB.

    If the videos works it shows the setup in cockpit SX12 and in Core and the behaviour.


    Video removed.

  • Hi. In the MPX video 6 and 7 I think but I will check. But as you can see in the core video it affects every sensor address except 0 and 1 and those are from RX direct LQI and RV voltage.

    You can also see that it detects 16 sensors and in this case it should only be 12 because the only address from GPS is 14 and 15 alt and speed. And with every address in off it’s the same result.

    I also reinstalled the Terminal and reset the GPS just in case so everything is done by the book.

    The GPS is in transit to you and I hope that we will sort this little problem, it is strange.


    Ps. There is one thing I didn’t do that I should have done , that’s reinstalling/update the software. I didn’t think of it then because it’s was brand new.

  • Hello,

    I already located the issue. I found that the M-Link Sensors don´t keep the timing of the MSB specifications and then the GPS cannot detect the right system and switches in the Gyro Mode(similar to MSB). But o.k. I can make a workarround. Will take some days.