Door Sequencer Menu Freeze

  • Having a problem with the Setup Assistant: I have the retracts output in port C and nosegear door in port F; both channels are assigned to one switch. First try resulted in the nosegear door operation failing. Then tried going back through the assistant to correct and it freezes at "move gear switch" without recognizing the switch. Cannot move forward or back in the menu so must shut down whole system to reboot; repeated with the same result multiple times. In frustration have set ports C and F to direct channel in output mapping but cannot accomplish gear / door sequencing (Electron gear and linear actuator) with the Expert Menu setting up tasks. Mercury V11. Please help.

  • So, I must only have the gear channel assigned to the switch and the nosewheel door channel gets added by the Assistant in its' process? Or, are both gear and nosewheel door on same transmitter channel and Mercury sequences the two actions? Since I have been already working in the Expert Menu, should I assign the nosewheel door port as "door 1" rather than "direct"?

    Sorry for the many questions; my first retract gear model with Powerbox.

  • I set one switch for the gear channel on the TX and set Mercury input channels and output ports as instructed. Sequencer assistant still froze at the switch learning screen during multiple attempts. Gave up on Mercury assistant and accomplished sequencing using transmitter.

  • Found the problem! Yes, the Mercury would freeze when attempting to set the gear switch but there was an external factor. The Core TX sequencer setup worked multiple times until I cycled both systems off and back on then the gear would not work again. I then reprogrammed the Electron gear controller and after that the gear worked as setup in the TX. I did not try the Mercury sequencer setup again since all now is OK. Thanks for the reply; please pass on the info about resetting the Electron controller. It must recognize the same switch settings as the TX before attempting the Mercury.