Can you have Voice alerts when using trims?

  • Hello Richard,

    I have my new core and converting my models from Futaba. Very easy when you already have SRS powerboxes in the model. Two questions and one wish please as I looked for solutions but not found one.

    1. Is it possible to get voice text alerts with the standard trim switches ? I would like to do this on trim for throttle, moving from stop to idle on turbine. I have set up the trottle stick as transmitter control.

    I can see the servo and function curves values as I move the trim or throttle control. But I only get the voice with moving the throttle stick, which affects the servo curve, not the trim. The trim only affects the fuction curve and the voice is not activated moving through the same point on the curve.

    2. At the moment it looks not to be possible to select one of the rotary or other switches to be a trim, again say for switching from stop to idle on turbine. Correct?

    Really wish list request but would be nice to have option text to play when switching radio is switched on or off for each model (independenant of any transmitter control settings as I can see that works for power up). For example could be text to annouce which model is loaded or reminder voice alert for some specific action on the model required after power off.

    Thank you


  • Hi

    For 1:

    Use Servo-CutOff for switching Off the Turbine, then you can assign Voice-Text to this Switch. It‘s easier to do this on this way than using Trim-Switches.

    Adjust -125% to your Throttle-Channel as Servo-CutOff and use this for Trim-Low on your ECU.

    For 2:

    Correct. Rotary can Not be used for Trim-Settings

    Regards Rainer

  • But you can use the Rotary as a seperate Turbine trim function with only 10% Throw- same channel. After making this function teach the turbine endpoints new.

    Works fine. I´m using it myself.

  • Thank you for the replies. Yes I will try that using Rotary as a separate trim by putting it on the same channel as throttle and I can use this control to create a voice alert. This looks the best solution. Also look more at how to use servo cut-off. Maybe in future we may have voice alerts working from the four stick trims (you can have voice alerts with the push buttons) as well as a shut down message :-) Thanks Ed