Antenna Fades, Lost Frames & Holds

  • Here is my configuration:

    Transmiter: Futaba 18SZ

    Powerbox: Competition SRS

    Receivers: R7003SB & R7008SB

    Airplane: Carden Pro 124

    At my normal flying field I usually get those values:

    Antenna Fades: between 20 and 75 on each receiver. Sometime I get a little bit over 100 when there is many flyers.

    Lost Frames: Most part of the time it's 0

    Hold: 0

    On a specific flying field I got those values last weekend:

    Antenna Fades: Receiver 1: 1590 and Receiver 2: 940

    Lost Frames: 255

    Hold: 0

    At what values do I need to consider grounding my plane.


  • Hi

    I am sure that Richard will give you a much better explanation. Powerbox gives you a true picture of the 2.4 band and reports everything as compared to other systems.

    I have experienced some lost frames like you are reporting during range test.

    Most of the time if you have the radio to close to the RX’s which swamps the frequency. The other thing to try is move your antennas until you see improvements.

    I personally have changed the RX location and antennas

    Hope this helps you


  • Thanks for you explanation.

    I think my setup is good, I got those exceptionnal values to a specific flying field. During the last years we saw several new building close to the flying field and I guess that's probably why we start having interference. I'm afraid that it will be worst during the next few years and I try to figure out when it will become a real problem.

    This flying field exist for more than 30 years and building start to appear closer and closer.

    I try to find someone who will have sufficient knowledge to tell me if you reach a specific value stop flying it's too risky.

  • Hello,

    in principle if you know where it comes from (close bulidings) there is nothing you can do. What you see is that your radio system jumps over some channels which are used from other RF systems like Wifi. Some systems are more robust than others against that.

    As long as you don´t have holds you should be good.