Powerbox Core Handheld or Tray Version they are both Champions!

  • Greetings fellow Powerbox Core users,

    Last week I received my order for my second Powerbox Core radio and this time I ordered the tray version. In the last several years I had changed from being a thumb flyer and switched to be become a pinch flyer to suit my needs. The progression took some getting used to and now I can comfortably say I have mastered it and can do it with ease!

    I was really excited about trying a tray version of the Powerbox’s Core Radio. So now that I have mine may I say that the transition from the handheld Core radio to the tray version was the perfect choice for me! The tray version feels ever so light on the straps around my neck and my hands rest very comfortably on the winglets. I find that the longer gimbal stick’s length to be ideally suited for my fingers and thumbs and while accessing the different switches are even easier now. The design of the Powerbox Core tray version seems very subtle and not so really different from the hand held version. But the noticeable differences shine like a beacon when you strap it on and place your hands on top of the winglets, the fit is just perfect! This is definitely a champion designed radio and I’m very happy with my choice!