SparkSwitchPro - won't run clean

  • Hello,

    I had issues with motors not running clean with SparkSwitchPro installed.

    Got 2 SSPs, so I tried to swap them - no change, removed temp sensor (complete disaster with it connected!) and replaced all cables. Same result. - However, after replacing it with a RCEXL kill switch, the motors run perfekt.

    Any idea what can be wrong?

  • Hello,

    unfortunately no clue how it is connected on your side, can't determine that from the photo.

    But, I'm using SS Pro for more than 2 years in 6 planes, with engines Valach, DA, GP, Moki. Initially I had also problems, but if you will follow those recommendations, you will be totally satisfied :-)

    1. Short cable, and well dimension of the cable between accu and power input of SS. I'm using maximum of 20 cm, no more

    2. SS Pro placed as near as possible to ignition (but at least 5cm distance), but pay attention for spark cables, never cross those cables near SS

    3. Temp sensors - I'm using only multicylider engines, therefore always more than one temp sensor, using always T250, but 2 years ago I tested OS Max 60ccm, and all was working properly

    4. Between SS Pro and ignition module at least 5cm distance, never install both on one plate, in opposite sides! That will cause really signal mess.

    Thats all :-)


  • Hello,

    unfortunately your picture is so small that I can´t see something.

    If this near the receiver is the SparkSwitch, this is the issue:

    You are going with the "dirty" ignition powersupply wires through the fuselage, which creates issues there.

    As Rudolf wrote correctly: Place the SparkSwitch close to the ignition. The ignition battery as well. Only the telemetry/data wire from the SSPRO goes to the receiver. This wires are "clean", as they are behind the Opto circuit