iGyro3e installed in an Elite Extra 300 Electric

  • I recently installed an iGyro3e in an EFlite 1.3M Extra 300 electric plane. The gyro had been gathering dust for some time. I set it up using a Jeti TX/RX with a knob programmed as -100 to +100 with the center of rotation being "Off". It takes only a modest amount of knob movement, say around 2:00, before the model oscillates like crazy. It is super sensitive and not at all useful. The gyro is mounted with double back foam tape on a balsa platform rigidly glued in place.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is the gyro not a good match for this plane?



  • Hello,

    the gyro must work in this plane. The question is what gain percentage is your radio at 2° angle of the dial?

    You can make the dial more sensitive if you reduce the throw of the gain dial to 30%

  • Steve,

    2 o'clock on a P7/P8 knob is about 45% That's quite a lot of gain (making the assumption that the 3e is at a high value). Also, I guess the oscillation is in roll ?

    You might have done all this, but as a starting point, set the 3e gains so that roll is ~30% and yaw/pitch at 50-60%. Set your knob travel to -50% to +50%. From there fly with the knob at 12 and rotate a bit at a time check no osc. Fly a fast 45d downline and check no osc. Back off the gain if you see any. Look at the knob value, and use that to scale the 3e settings, then you can set the knob to -100% to +100% (or just set up a switch channel instead).

    Of course, if those values are too low, wind up the knob travel to find where the osc starts, but I rarely get over 30% for a feel I like.

  • Thanks for all of your input (no pun intended!). Richard, when you say reduce the throw of the gain by 30%, do you mean reduce the ATV as though the gyro is a servo? Or are you talking about a change to make after connecting the gyro to a computer and making the change to the gyro software?

    Simon, the oscillation appears at first to be rudder related as the plane wiggles left and right.


  • I mean the gain channel which goes into the gyro gain.

    Lets say you have +100% to -100% throw, but your plane needs only 20% Gain - the gain dial on your radio is very sensitive and hard to adjust in flight.

    Don´t change the gains in the Terminal menu until you didn´t adjust the master gain on your radio in flight.

  • OK Richard, I think I understand. Since it takes very little rotation of the gain knob on the TX to create an occillation condition, I'm going to reduce the ATV on this TX channel to maybe 25% to start so when the knob is fully turned say clockwise, it puts out a pulse width of around 1700 MS vs 2000 MS when gain is 100%.