PBS-V60 x2 (Core radio) on 12s setup - Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi,

    I've just installed 2 PBS -V60 sensors on a 12s setup (2x 6s packs), via a PBS-Dock, via the P2 Bus port on a PBR-7S receiver.

    The sensors have been connected to each pack via balance lead connectors and I was expecting the telemetry to provide the voltage for each pack separately. The widgets have been set up on the transmitter (Core) and the voltages are being displayed on the screen.

    The problem is that after connecting everything up one of the sensors is displaying 25v and the other is displaying 50v. I was expecting both to display 25v?

    Am I doing something wrong? Ideally I would want the individual pack voltages, so I can set alarms for the individual packs.

  • Ok. Thanks, I had no idea (it seemed a good idea at the time), a lucky escape.

    This then leads to another couple of questions,

    1, Is it ok to connect just one PBS-V60 sensor to just one of the balance leads (to get measure the voltage of an individual pack) or am I stuck with just measuring the voltage of the overall packs (connecting it as the instructions)? the reason for this is to get better resolution on the discharge state of the cells for low voltage alarms.

    2, Is there any way of measuring individual packs in multi-pack set ups using the PBS-V60 sensors?