Futaba info

  • Good day

    I am looking at this unit for purchase.

    In the past I have had issues with Futaba feeding a gyro and Y cabling in additional telemetry sensors.

    The bus just couldn't use the sensors together with the gryo / power expander.

    I changed the gyro over to the sbus and ran the sensors on the sbus2.

    Do you now if this is an issue with the SR2 using its telemetry along with other makes of sensors y'd in?

    Also I cannot fond anything related to what is needed to do updates on it.

    Usb cord, Bluetooth adapter etc?



  • Hello,

    the Competition SR2 runs with full S.BUS2 support- but it takes alll slots from 16-31.

    For the update you need the USB interface adapter. With bluetooth the update takes about 8 Minutes, so I don´t recommend it. All units are shipped with the latest update from PowerBox