iGyro SRS V Tail Issue

  • Hi,

    I am running a Competition SRS with an iGyro SRS. I have a standard, no mix in the transmitter (1 servo for elevator, 1 for rudder) and have the V Tail mix in the iGyro. All works fine with the exception of the rudder. One servo goes the wrong way and I do not appear to be able to reverse this without it reversing the elevator (elevator works fine). Is there a way I can reverse the servo on the one servo just for the rudder?

    I have tried adjusting the servo endpoints in the servo matching but this does not work either.



  • OK- but then there must be a mix. In the radio only normal rudder + elevator. Turn on the V-tail option in the gyro. Connect at the PowerBox to the outputs mapped in the output mapping to the same channels you use for the servos for this elevator and rudder.

    Input mapping in the gyro must be at Elevator-A and rudder