Futaba 32MZ + Pioneer + Spark Switch Pro

  • Hi Richard,

    I am using dual 7106 Futaba receivers connected to the PB Pioneer. Can I connect RX1 to SBUS2 on Receiver 1 and RX2 to SBUS on receiver 2? This will allow me to connect the Spark Switch Pro telemetry port directly to SBUS2 on receiver 2. I am just trying to minimise connections in this area therefore, I would assume Pioneer telemetry data back to TX would only flow via Receiver 1 in this instance.


  • Thanks Richard

    Understand, Just thinking this through further would there be any safety benefit connecting RX2 to SBUS on Receiver 2 as this receiver would ignore any sensor telemetry when connected this way. This way receiver only processes flight control data should it switch over to this receiver in failover. I am aware there can be issues with Futaba SBUS2 traffic being excessive when too many sensors are connected resulting in possible frame losses.