Sparkswitch Pro RPM sensor - which one for engines without ignition rpm output

  • Hello Richard

    The information about the Sparkswitch pro on this forum is a little confusing as changes have been made to products and the manual has very little info about rpm measurement. My questions are:

    1. For my 3W engine I can see it is simple to connect direct to the ignition unit as you have posted and the systems works fine . Am I correct? I think I can do the same with MVVS but need to check.

    2. For engines without RPM output on the ignition, do I need the PBS RPM sensor, as currently listed on your sensors page, to connect to the SPARKSWITCH PRO or do I need the simpler RPM sensor pickup (but looks like now discontinued)?. The engine is Zenoah 62 with TONI CLARK ignition without rpm output lead. Otherwise is my solution to use the PBS RPM as stand alone (see 3 below)?

    3. Is the PBS RPM sensor designed ONLY to be used as stand alone to provide RPM telemetry? Are there still issues with some DA engines because I have a DA100 and DA85?

    I ve recently switched to Core and changing over all my models, props and jets. Your products are fantastic to use but sometimes challenging keeping up with all the new and fast developments :-).

    Best regards and thanks


  • Hello,

    yes sorry- so many motor brands and all of them make it different. No standard here.

    1. Yes- all engines with a tacho output can go to the SSPRO directly. Only 3W has another Pin assemby, to make it correct follow the instructions

    2. You need the RPM pickup only. It is discontinoued as it didn´t work for all engines reliable. We already have something new but not released yet.

    3. Yes- this is a standalone unit for several telémetry systems. For DA engines I cannot guarantee that it works. If not - you can give it back