New versions of iOS and Android Apps

  • New versions of both mobile apps are preparing, the release is planned for middle of August. Both Apps version will start from 4.00.

    Mainly Android version will be updated for old Android versions and new versions of Android as well. The usage of old BlueCom with new versions will be solved.

    In case of iOS version will be improved speed of updates for both, old and new units.

    Both versions will contain code for new version of BlueCom BLE chip, where we speed up the communication to 4M.

    Now couple of comments to Application ratings. We can see, that really only wrong ratings are inserted, users who are unable to connect the unit, or some issues. Honestly, all those issues were already solved here in the forum. My frankly question is: Is it possible adding also good ratings? I know really plenty of users, who are using App each one day without issues, but no rating added. But in last year in case of Android App was added 5 ratings - in whole year - and 3 ratings are complaining that no connection is possible.

    Thank a lot!

  • Hi Rudi,

    Looking forward to getting the update and hopefully it will resolve the issue I have with the iSat as discussed on another thread. Hopefully it will work and I’d be happy to give a positive review as I’m a big user of Bluecom and it’s been fantastic for everything other than what’s mentioned above, fingers crossed.


  • Hello,

    as I mentioned in another thread, release of both new version is planned to middle of September, we very precisely testing all cases and mainly in case of Android all Samsung phones where was issue with old BlueCom.

    Not only one tester is working on it and so far results are very good. Apps are faster and much more reliable in case of interrupted connection, where in case of old boot loader units was the boot loader destroyed.

    Also Apps are signing as version 4.

    Immediately, when will be available, I will inform you.


  • Hi Rudolph,

    Thank you very much for the update on the release of the new version. Much appreciated.

  • Hello Rudolf,

    I come back to your information, that "release of both new version is planned to middle of September".

    Are there any news concerning the updates?

    Thanks in advance for yor reply.

    Enjoy your weekend and best regards.


  • Hello Werner,

    I mentioned in other thread, that now fixing Apple and Google findings in Apps. We sent PowerBox units to Apple and Google support teams and they testing as well, not only we :-)

    I will inform you in this thread about the real deadline. When we putting information's in other threads, it's not clear.



  • Hello Rudi,

    The Mobile Terminal is still not working for me. I am using an ipad to connect to an igyro 3xtra. I have a steady blue bluetooth connection but pressing the 3xtra icon does nothing except for the icon to darken - I cannot get to the next page.

    I have deleted and reloaded the mobile terminal app. If the problem is now fixed what am I doing wrong please?

  • Further information.

    There are 5 icons on the igyro page, the only one which will open is the igro sat, which is clearly not relevant to the 3xtra but I can see the bluetooth turn from red to blue even on that page, so I am certain the blucom and the program are communicating but not allowing access to the setting page.

  • Hello Rudi, Please see below a screenshot of an Iphone XR. IOS 14.7.1

    When I press on the 3xtra icon (bottom row, left) nothing happens. As you can see the page is showing that it has established a connection with the Bluecom adapter.

    Thanks for your assistance, I would like to get this sorted as quickly as possible.

  • Rudi,

    Gleaning information from various sources, this is what I've done:

    Deleted the old app and reinstalled it on both an ipad and an iphone

    Checked that I'm using an IOS Bluecom

    Plugged in the Bluecom to the 3xtra ensuring that the yellow lead is the same way round as the servo leads

    Turned on the receiver and 3xtra leaving the transmitter off

    Unpaired the Bluecom and re-paired it (using the forget device instruction on the phone)

    Started the Mobile Terminal app and selected Igyro

    Attempted to open the 3xtra page by pressing the 3xtra icon. On both the ipad and iphone nothing further happens

    If it works for nearly everyone else then I'm doing something wrong...........

  • Hello Rudi, I'm still trying to get the Mobile Terminal app to work for me!

    With the Bluecom in the receiver turned off, after repeated presses of the 3xtra icon, I get the message as in the screenshot below and no blue bluetooth symbol. With turning on the Bluecom, I get the blue symbol and the message as below does not appear.

    Can you advise if all IOS Bluecoms will work with all Powerbox devices or have I perhaps got the wrong one?

  • Hello, in your case I would say that BlueCom is defective! All two types of iOS BlueCom are working normally with all PowerBox devices. Absolutely the first version labeled iOS, then second version labeled as BlueCom without operating system label.

    I'm almost sure, that BlueCom is not working properly, and I have couple of BlueComs, whose are not working properly, can happen, it's only electronics.

    Several users sent me their BlueCom units, faced almost the same issue as you, and after testing I found that are broken.