SR2 and assistant not seeing the right amount of servos

  • I am trying to set up Core and SR2 with the assistant.

    1 left aileron servo

    1 right aileron servo

    2 left elevator servos, as tailerons

    2 right elevator servos, as tailerons

    1 rudder servo

    1 Thrust vector pitch (elevator)

    1 Thrust vector yaw (rudder)

    Whenever I get to the screen in the assistant for aileron, elevator, and rudder it just fails and says it is the wrong servo count.... I do have it where I can see all of the items deflecting on the Core screen.

    I did all the updates to the Core, RX's and SR2 and no luck.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

  • Just as an update, I turned off Tailerons and just tried 4 elevator servos and vector and elevator screen still won't accept the servos. Nothing is plugged in and throws are 50% as manual suggests.....

  • Hello,

    if you selected vector - it must be turned on in the radio for this.

    The PowerBox expects 3 channels moving, Delta mix must be turned on in the radio

    Tailerons right and left + vector

    If it doesn´t work pls post a picture of the screen before you move the stick to see what´s missing.

    Also pictures of your initial settings (count surfaces)

  • When you say Delta mix, I do not understand that. I did not pick Delta Wing when setting it up but I did pick vector. I don't think I can change to Delta wing in setup without starting over. Or do you mean on the SR2 menu?

  • I'm sure you'll get an official answer tomorrow, but, the SR2 has a limit of 4 channels per axis for stabilisation and you are trying for 5 channels with the tailerons + vector (elevator command). If you change the core programming so you don't balance the dual taileron servos on the core but use the SR2 to match them, then try again - then you'll only be using 3 channels for taileron and vector.

    Same effect with aileron and taileron - once you use the SR2 to balance the tailerons you'll only be moving 4 channels for 'all aileron' rather than 6.

  • Exactly - matching is done in the PowerBox not the radio - much easier with the automatic matching. So for setting up the plane remove the linkage to the second servo. Set everything up: center, throws mixes. Once you are done use the automatic matching feature of the PowerBox.

  • So to be clear there is one elevator channel and output--I then go in and add an output for the other one, any output. Then cent center and endpoints for the original one and use the matching for the second "maually added" output number? Sound right?

    Then do that for the other side......

  • Hello,

    no- the assistant already adds the second one. But if you connect bboth in the assistant - you have to disasemble the linkage before. Elese the servo may fight each other. Setup one servo after the assistant. Then connect the linkage again and use the servomatching

  • OK here is the setup I have, and I do not have any servos hooke up--only programmed so far. Some things that seem strange:

    1. 3 aileron Right and one Aileron Left, but I only have 2 Ailerons ??
    2. 2 Taileron Right and 2 Taileron Left, but 2 Elevator A ??

    Thanks for the help so far, I am getting there!

  • CORE_SR2.pdfRichard/Adam

    ok, I know I have asked these questions before-and now that I am going to use the Competition SR2 + SAT + CORE my setup is a bit different.

    single servo on each aileron, elevator and only 1 rudder

    servo for elevator vector and rudder vector.

    trying to have ailerons as flaps but still work as ailerons.

    I have setup the CORE with TV, and Delta Wing. in the setup page of the CORE-

    Delta A-L = Servo 1 (i think this is my L aileron servo?)

    Flap L = Servo 1

    Delta B-L = Servo 3 (i think this is my L elevator/taileron servo?)

    Delta B-R = Servo 2 (i think this is my R aileron servo?)

    Flap R = Servo 2

    Delta B-R = Servo 4 (i think this is my R elevator/taileron servo?)

    in the SR2, i used setup assistant-i used

    Wing Type =Normal

    Tail Type = Tailerons

    Vector = Single

    when i go through the setup assistant, i get the response shown in the 5th image of the SR2 CORE_SR2.pdf(count of found channels doesn't match) i think the image in SR2_4 was from a previous try or manually set.

    I feel a bit lost here-i know i have a awesome radio-i just don't have an awesome brain.

    help is appreciated. I'll be away from computer this evening but will come back to look for guidance.

    Thank you as always.

    I am going to get back to trying Friday after Thankgiving.

    Best Regards


  • rmorojr : Please open a new thread in the iGyro section!

    @ Joe, I think you are thinking too much - it´s easier than you expect ;-)

    Why do you make Tailerons? For the vector? It would help a lot if you tell me what plane you have. Is it a Delta or not?

    If you teach the channels, all mixes must be turned on. So in your case If you teach elevator for example The Tailerons must move + elevator vector

  • Hello Richard. I agree I am thinking too much and making it more difficult than I expect it needs to be!

    My friends call me “the complicator”

    Plane is Elite Aerosports Wraith

    Has conventional wing and tail

    Ailerons only-no separate flaps-want to reflex the ailerons down to act as flaps and still have gyro working on this surface

    elevators. Full flying elevators

    Single rudder

    2-axis thrust vectoring

    I was told I should set it up to have tailerons. I have an F-16 without TV that is set up that way (with ailerons as flaps and elevators as tailerons) that I will convert from Spektrum to CORE this winter

    So that’s what i have.

    I am not sure which device (SR2 and /or CORE) for where I need to set tailerons or delta or TV. That’s why I sent all those photos.

    Thank you as always for your thoughtful help!!

  • Hello,

    that´s to much functions:

    1. Don´t call the Aileron/Flap: Delta. It´s Flaperons

    2. You mixed also the tail to the Flaperons - there are 3 functions with servo 1&2


    1x Function Aileron (1+2)

    1x Function Flaperons (1+2)

    1x Function Elevator (3+4)

    1x Function Tailerons (3+4)

    1x Vector Elevator

    1x Vector Rudder

    1x Rudder

    That´s it.

    The PowerBox will detect this

  • Thank you Richard-i knew you would simplify for me.

    so in the CORE, do i select Delta? i have three servos on each wing to assign?