SR2 and assistant not seeing the right amount of servos

  • At the wing it´s not a delta - it s a flap/aileron mix. But when teaching the Ailerons this mix must be off

    The tailerons - yes that´s a delta mix. Must be on when teaching the functions

  • Ok I think I have it now.

    Set up functions in CORE that you listed but no aileron/flap mix- do that AFTER I teach the ailerons in the SR2

    For tailerons, I set the function in the CORE first and set the SR2 to tailerons on in the SR2 setup.

  • Richard---it WORKS just perfectly.... have i told you how much i appreciate your patience?? I appreciate your patience. Hats off to Adam Strong as well.

    and as importantly, your products are AWESOME-----i set up everything just like your instructions--creating each function in the CORE 1st (critical especially adding in the Taileron function) and the SR2 worked learned it all 1st time.

    incredible products. and as those on here have mentioned many times, your support is World Class and industry leading.

    thank you so much for your help. so cool!!

    the fact that the SR2 gets the info from the CORE regarding setting up a function (Tailerons assigned to a set of servos) is just amazing to me. wow....

    Best Regards