SR2 and JR

  • Hello Richard,

    Is there any work around for making a JR DMSS, Xbus system work with the SR2? If not at all, may I suggest adding this functionality in the near future as JR is gaining ground again with a solid system. Also Mercury, and Competition already have this functionality. I love Powerbox Systems products and just want them to play nice together with JR receivers.



  • Hello,

    adding a system means not only this work - it means maintanance for the future. For JR there is zero market in Europe, in U.S. we know there are still customers. The issue is their telemetry system gives only a few sensor values (1x voltage, 1x current, 1x capacity). Actually I have 4 customers - worldwide - asking for JR...

    Anyways - we will think about adding this system.

    The Core is the future - have a look into that. You will "feel the difference" ;-)