Help with 3E setup + Futaba 14SG

  • Richard please help ,

    I'm trying to help a friend do a setup similar to the one I use on my H9 Corsair 70cc with Igyro 3E and IX12 .

    He has a P-51 Aeroworks 50cc with Igyro 3E and Futaba 14SG.

    The basic setup was successful. Using chanel 11 to gain control .

    The radio is a nightmare .... he does not know how to use the radio and I never used Futaba before ... i'm JR / Spektrum for 30 years ... the manual is rubbish .

    I tried to make the adjustments using the Blucom Adapter and the USB cable on the computer using powerbox terminal .

    What we want to achieve is the following:

    3-position switch.

    Position 1 - Gyro off

    Position 2 - Gyro on all channels normal mode (flight position) Gain 30% aprox.

    Position 3 - Gyro turned on Heading Hold (takeoff) on rudder channel only. Other channels, ailerons and elevator, gyro off.

    The endpooints setup in 14SG is terrible because you define the endpoints, but you don't define the midpoint. If you change it in subtrins, it changes the extreme points.

    In Spektrum you configure the gains in the digital switch setup without any problem.

    We managed to create three banks linked to the switch . One is on normal gains , the other heading hold and the third off .

    1 - On
    2 - OFF
    3 - Heading Hold .

    We put a servo on channel 11 (gain chanel) to make sure the 3 switch positions were outputting correctly.

    Here's the problem....

    When I connect the blucom to refine the gain settings individually for each channel ... I put the 3 position switch in position 1 (normal gains) and do the setup. The setup is saved , but mirrors the same setup in position 3 . Even without having changed the position of the radio switch.

    When I put the switch in position 3 has the same seutp i made in position 1 .

    With the USB/terminal it was even worse... because I connect the gyro and it doesn't open the configuration screen showing the channels individually. I updated the USB/terminal and gyro using the terminal, so I know the connection was successful.

    I hope it was possible to understand with my average English... can you tell what I'm doing wrong? Any tips?

    Thank you .

    Best regards

  • Richard we were able to do a working setup ... not what we wanted , but an acceptable one ... as the plane belongs to a friend , I depend on him for the terminal print screen .

    Let me ask you something , both from the USB Terminal and the Bluecom Adapter ...

    When I setup the Igyro 3E with a switch using the "Digital Switch Setup" function of Spektrum (DX9 or IX12 which are the radios I have) everything works very well.

    If I connect the USB Terminal or bluecom and change the setup changing the gains of the channels individually, the 3E saves this values regardless of where I set the output of the switch ? If i change the switch output after this ... 3E will keep the adjust made before ?


  • Hello,

    the switch in the radio only makes a gain and the selection of the range

    -100% to 0%: Range A

    0% to +100%: Range B

    Your settings in the Terminal are in the range A or B. So for example you are changing the Heading mode (Attitude Assist) in the Range A for the Aileron it has only effect if the radio is in the 0% to 100% area