• Hello Richard,

    I am upgrading from Futaba to Core and it is going great. Some of my larger props and jets use Royal and Champion SRS with Powerbus. The Royals have been updated to P2Bus and they work great with Core. I was thinking of replacing the Champion SRS with Champion SR2 plus iGyroSat to make fuller use of Core features. But that means POWERBUS wiring has also to be replaced which means 10 plus extra plugs and cables for multiple servos etc in wing etc :(.

    1, Does the SR2 produce an SBUS signal at any of the outputs (data port maybe?) that I can use to feed to Powerbus, or can I get the sbus signal from a receiver data/fast track? I m not sure I would like my model dependent on one connection direct to single receiver so is there a better way or would you advise against this?

    2. As you have not included Powerbus connector on the new SR2 can I assume Powerbox are going to stop support for Powerbus, including on any possible replacement for Royal or am I better waiting a little for something new ;);)?

    Thank you

  • Hello,

    no - the new Royal SR2 works with out P²-Servo bus. It has servodata (26) and telemetry (up to 250) for the servos on one wire.

    So the old S.BUS servos don´t work here. We will have MKS servos with that bus or adpaters for other servos in short time