SR2 setup with Jeti

  • Hello,

    My SR2 arrived today:) I’ve read on the SR2 product page that the unit can be setup using the Jeti or Core transmitters.

    Where can I find the .bin file for the Jeti transmitter to install on the transmitter to access the Powerbox trough the Jeti device explorer?


  • Hello

    I also have SR2 and Jeti competition and I was already thinking of asking the same question. Setting up SR2 via the JetiBox menu is force awkward and impractical. Could it really not be possible and better to create a .bin file to be able to set up SR2 in the device explorer menu where it is much more transparent and fast. In the jetibox, however, this seems rather outdated, and you also get lost very quickly in the menus. Given that the new SR2 is new and very modern, I think it deserves this piece of code so we can set it up in a modern way :thumbup:



  • Hello,

    as you may understand: Jeti is not interested to give us acces to the device explorer. I think with the color screen + jetiBox there are enough good options to setup the PowerBox!

    Setup the PowerBox with the screen - after that you can fine adjust with the JetiBox menu. That is what is is thought for.