Virtual Switches for Dual Rates

  • Hello RIchard

    Is it possible to use virtual switches for dual rates?


    I have my IMAC model with 60% aileron throw for flying all maneuvers. I would like to use a virtual switch to change the rate of the aileron to 100% when activated.

    Virtual "Snap Switch":

    I have a made full aileron AND full rudder as a virtual switch. "Snap Switch" But there is no way I can see to use this virtual switch to change the dual rates.

    I have done this in the Functions menu, but it acts as an ON/OFF switch not an ON/OFF/ON switch.

    It means this Function moves the end point of the ailerons from 100% left and when the virtual switch is activated, it moves to 100% right.

    Like putting the ailerons on a 2 position switch. Which does not work.

    Thanks for your assistance.



  • Hello Anthony,

    I would recommend to make this things with flightmodes. Give it a try- make the flightmodes you want to have and then set the rates for every flightmode seperate. You will see it´s much easier than the way with dualrate/virtual switches/mixes

  • …as the switch path gets complicated to remember: Maybe you can re-think your FM setup to use 3x3 or 3x2 FMs and add for specific Function additional switch outside of FMs….