Cockpit SRS Failsafe problem

  • Hello,

    I upgraded the SRS Cockpit to V29 through BLUECOM and IOS to use the Core (I was using Futaba). I have two PBR-26D receivers connected to the RX2 and RX4. The receivers have 2.9 version.

    I am trying to program the Failsafe for the turbine but I cannot. In the output mapping, when I go to select the FS on channel 3 (where I have the JetCat ECU), I cannot change from HD to FS. HD appears on all channels, and when I try to change to FS, it won't let me. Yes, I can change the value from HD to FS with buttons I and II, but when I press the SET button, the value is not selected and HD remains. The strange thing is that sometimes I can change it, but two seconds after selected it, it automatically changes to HD without doing anything. This happens with all channels. I have a video, but I can't upload it here. What I can do?