igyro sat, pioneer, futaba sbus

  • Hi, i am currently using powerbox pioneer with futaba s-fhss protocol receiver so it only has sbus not sbus2... however everything works like it should, now i want to add igyro to it and would that be compatible with my setup, i have the bluecom adapter to setup the pioneer, just wondering if the sbus would be the problem? thanks for the answer!^^

  • Hey, i have been trying to make the gyro work but i get nothing from it... i updated the firmware on it and the bluecom adapter connects to the pioneer but when i go into the teach in menu it says inactive and i cant set anything what am i doing wrong here?

  • I started from scratch... i assigned gyro channels... set the mounting point but when i come to teaching the sticks i press start and there apears a white box on bottom of my screen and does nothing...

  • So if i make my self a bit more clear... my setup is 2 futaba 8-channel receivers connected via sbus to the pioneer running 1 rudder( channel 7) 2 elevator (channel 5,6) and 4aileron servos (2 per wing connected with a y-harness so it comes out only 1 channel per wing) (channel 1,3)... i found out that channels 2 and 3 are switched on my setup if i connect the servo to channel 3 i have to set it up on my radio via channel 2 for some weird reason so the ailerons are plugged into channel 1,3 on the pioneer and set on chn 1,2 on the radio... however i have updated the firmware on the gyro and plugged it it to the fasttrack input of the pioneer i connect the bluecom adapter and asign gyro gain to channel 2 and set it 200% -/+ on the radio channel 3 since they are switched. Set rudder A to channel 7, elevator A to channel 5 and elevator B to channel 6, aileron A to channel 1 and aileron B to channel 3. I move further to the mouting point. I get through it with one elevator going up and one down ( dont know why)... then i want to setup stick endpoint or whatever its called and when i press the start button i only get an empty ehite box on the bottom of my screen... i tried to change gain output channels i tried to set it up only with rudder first... i have no clue what am i doing wrong here... i get response from servos i get something from gyro (the mounting point movement) so i know there is something wrong with the setup... i am doing this for the first time so i am completly new to this :)

  • I figured it out the problem was my 2 receivers with only 8channels i switched them out and putted in a new set with 16 channels works like it should...thanks richard for some suggestions and some explanations😁